Invitation for On-Campus Recruiting

Dear Employer:

The University of Maine Career Center invites you to reserve a date(s) to conduct on-campus interviews during the academic year. The University of Maine graduates approximately 1,700 students each year in a wide variety of disciplines, including graduates from the nationally accredited Maine Business School, the comprehensive College of Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical & Computer, Chemical, Civil & Environmental, and Spatial & Information Science), and the comprehensive College of Natural Sciences, Forestry and Agriculture. We also offer strong graduates from the liberal arts and sciences, health sciences, public administration, and education.

If you are interested in recruiting University of Maine students, please contact Kate Axelsen Foster, Assistant Director/Employer Relations, by phone at 207/581-1353 as soon as possible to reserve your recruiting date(s).

In addition, the Career Center holds an annual on-campus Engineering Job Fair in October and a Career Fair in February. If you are interested in attending the fair(s), call 207-581-1359.

There are numerous other services we are pleased to offer employers who seek to establish or expand their recruiting efforts with the University of Maine.

Should you have any questions regarding arrangements for on-campus interviewing or listing employment opportunities, please call. We welcome your questions and comments regarding how the UMaine Career Center can help you meet your recruiting and hiring needs. We look forward to hosting your visit to the University of Maine.



Crisanne Blackie
Director, Career Center