Testimonials and Sample Internships


“The internship included many responsibilities necessary to run a business. Each day brought different circumstances and I had the opportunity to make decisions on my own and learn from both my successes and failures. The internship was a worthwhile experience and I feel that it has prepared me well for my professional career. I will take both the positive and negative aspects of the internship with me in applying for and analyzing future opportunities.”
Timothy Meehan
Business Administration Student

“My 2003 summer internship at Bangor Savings Bank provided me with valuable hands-on experience and a better idea about what knowledge areas and skills I should attach more importance and make further improvement to in my further studies. Other things that I have valued most about my internship at BSB include, but not limited to, the nice and supportive working environment and the bank employees’ commitment to providing an excellent service to the communities in Maine. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn and get better understanding of the culture of the company. I also benefitted from attending the training programs and seminars and have enjoyed the friendship with my colleagues that was developed during my time working at BSB. ”
Dongmei Jiang
Business Administration Student

“My internship has given me the opportunity to see so much more about the Accounting field than I am able to learn in the classroom. I have developed many skills and have a much greater concept of what to expect after college. My internship has given me a greater understanding of what it is I have learned in the classroom, and given the opportunity to apply it to real situations. One of the greatest benefits that I have received is the knowledge that I actually enjoy doing what it is I have been studying for. ”
Sheena Pass
Business Administration Student


“The Maine State Government Summer Internship Program provides a unique opportunity for a select group of talented students to work within Maine state government. It is a great opportunity for interns to gain practical skills and learn about working on project teams in their fields of study. Interns experience a wide range of career possibilities in state government service as well as the dedication of state government workers to the public they serve.”
Eva McLaughlin
Maine State Government Summer Internship Program

“The Co-op/Intern Student Program is an investment in the future for ZF Lemforder Corporation. The program is a mechanism for training and screening future potential professional technicians, managers, and leaders who are interested in servicing ZF Lemforder Corporation, either here in Brewer or within NAO. The program provides students with a clear understanding of their assignments and expectations. While the Program is mutually beneficial to the Student and ZF Lemforder Corporation, it is understood and required that a students’ academic requirements take priority over meeting their work schedule obligations. ”
Ruth Lane
Human Resources Manager
ZF Lemforder Corporation, Brewer, ME

“Students come to IBM, see the facility, and understand what we do. We use the summer internship program like a minor league system. By the end of the internship program, we can identify promising people for full-time job offers, and students have gained an understanding of IBM and if they wish to work for us full-time when they graduate.”
Scott Springer
Development Manager
IBM Microelectronics

Sample Internships

The New England Wild Flower Society
Marine Environmental Research Institute