Think Beyond the Obvious

It seems like spring semester just started, yet we are not far from spring break. With the feel of
time passing quickly comes a sense of urgency to find a summer job, land that internship, apply
for full time positions or get ready to apply to graduate school. Many students will find
themselves looking for positions based on what they know. I encourage students to think beyond
the obvious.

Most employers are looking for your ability to demonstrate career ready skills such as
professionalism, curiosity, coachability, drive, and collaboration. Your ability to be curious will
allow you to discover new opportunities. Those that are curious are critical thinkers, problem
solvers, and gather information from unusual places.

Are you ready to be curious? Starting in March, the Career Center will have several programs
that are geared towards career fields that are open to any major. Our first one will be Careers in
Law and Justice on March 13th , followed by Careers in Sustainable Agriculture on March 27th ,
Health Professions Career Day on April 4th and Careers in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism on
April 25th. By attending one or all of these events, you will be able to learn how your skills and
interests can launch you into a field that you may not have considered.

At these events, professionals that work within that field will be available to talk with you about
their career path and their daily activities. At Careers in Law and Justice, you can meet any or
all of the following: Maine State Trooper, Border Patrol Agent, Maine Forest Ranger, Maine
Forest Ranger Pilot, local Police Officer or Maine Game Warden. Not interested in direct law
enforcement? How about a career as a lawyer? Meet a representative from the University of
Maine School of Law or meet the Secretary of State who has an M.A. in English Literature from
the University of Maine. Could you be the next Secretary of State?

As you can see, there is something for everyone. When exploring your career options, consider
your personal values along with your skills to determine where and how you would like to use
your education. Ask questions about how your values, skills and background may fit into their
organization. You can ask them about the application process, what you can do to make yourself
a stronger candidate and what would they do differently if they had to do it all over again.
So bring a friend and come learn about some careers that you may not have considered. By
thinking beyond the obvious you may just find a great career path. We look forward to seeing
you at Careers in Law and Justice on March 13th from 4-6pm in the Memorial Union, 2nd floor.
See for more details.

Watch for more information about Careers in Sustainable Agriculture, Health Professions Career
Day and Careers in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism.


Crisanne Blackie, Director