Networking Over the Holidays

Finals is a couple of weeks away and we are sure it is a stressful time for all University of Maine students. We hope that you find time to eat some healthy meals and get the rest you need so you can be fully energized to do the best you can on your final exams, papers, and projects!  Before you know it, the week will be over and you will have a nice break to relax, rejuvenate, and possibly do some things for yourself. Perhaps one of those things would be looking for potential jobs or internships, or maybe you are looking to get into grad school.

In your transition from school to winter break, it is extremely important to keep in mind that you should always be prepared for a networking opportunity. Whether standing in a grocery line, at a holiday party, or just out on the town for the night with your friends—opportunities arise everywhere! View the holidays as an ideal time to implement your networking skills. Make a plan as to how you will answer questions like, “What are you up to,” or “What are you doing now,” and be ready to ask questions of your acquaintances. Be open to learning about new opportunities, even ones that you might not have ever considered—you never know what you will discover!

Networking is one of many ways that can help you get into a job, internship, or grad school. It is a great way of learning about a particular place or position without any binding engagements—it is like an open relationship and YOU have the ability to determine where you want the relationship to go!

With that said, GOOD LUCK on finals, safe travels, and have a wonderful, happy, stress-free, and relaxing winter break!  Our holiday hours will be posted on our website.