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Campus Recreation

Aquaburn (FREE)


Low impact, cardio/toning interval class using plenty of fun pool tools! FREE! Instructor - Roxane

Cycling Class


This class is a great cardiovascular workout. Pedal through hill climbs, sprints, and many other challenging drills and exercises. All levels are welcome. Class spots are limited! Please grab a Cycling Pass […]


Foster Room

Mat based exercises that strengthen the core, improve postural alignment, create mind-body awareness and increase focus. Added benefits are improved flexibility and balance as well as precision and grace of […]

POUND (Free)

Foster Room

“A full-body jam session that combines cardio, conditioning and core work to help strengthen the body, with the excitement of drumming!” Instructor: Annabelle

Variable Vinyasa Yoga

Foster Room

"Students will move through postures linking breath with movement while maintaining a strong core and base. Each posture will have variations to increase difficulty or ease back to a foundational […]

Butts and Guts (FREE)


A great way to shape and tone the lower body. This class uses a variety of fitness equipment to target the core and legs. This class is low impact. Free Class! Instructor - Natalie

VXN (Free)

VXN is a performance inspired dance class that focuses on empowerment and confidence. A lot of the music ranges from hip hop to Latin style and the dancing matches these styles for a different range and interest.  Instructor: Elizabeth