Cash Management Training Information

The collection and handling of cash is governed by the Administrative Practice LetterI-E (PDF)Administrative Practice Letter I-F (PDF), and Administrative Practice Letter I-D (PDF).

  • Cash registers or pre-numbered cash receipts must be used to record the receipt of cash at the departmental office.
  • Departments must deposit daily cash and checks in the Bursar’s Office on a Schedule of Collections form.
  • Employees assigned responsibility for handling cash are required to participate in a Web-based cash management session (provided by the Bursar’s Office) on an annual basis.

Departments are responsible for supplying their own locking bags for deposits and cash/check transmittal.

Additional Information On Deposits

Please use the following updated forms:

Policies and procedures governing administrative policies are found in documents issued by the University of Maine System (UMS) Board of Trustees, the UMS Chancellor’s Office, and campus-specific memoranda from the President, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Deans and Directors. UMS documents may be found in Administrative Practice Letters.

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