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Facilities Available for Use

Pilot Plant Facilities

Pilot plant paper machines, the heart of the PDC’s laboratory  

The University of Maine Process Development Center is available to you for process and product development work. We can work with your company on any research project – large or small. We also provide technical services to evaluate physical and optical properties as well as surface performance tests for fine papers.  Please link to the pages below to find out more about our unit operations.

  • Nanofiber Research and Distribution – The PDC’s new Nanofiber Pilot Plant manufactures nanofibers in several different forms to meet the varied needs of its academic and research clients.
  • Pulping – Pulping studies can be performed to evaluate wood and non-woody raw materials, chemical additives, and any stage of chemical or mechanical pulp production.
  • Stock Prep/Refining – The PDC has a high-capacity refiner loop with double disk and conical refiners, allowing for a wide range of refining treatments to compare the benefits provided by each.
  • Papermaking – The PDC’s pilot paper machine is available for raw material and process operations studies as well as to evaluate equipment components. Steady state can be reached in under 30 minutes, allowing multiple trials in a single day.
  • Coating and Finishing - Pilot-scale coating trials are available with our Cylindrical Laboratory Coater (CLC) which has the ability to coat samples at 6000 feet per minute. Image analyses are also available for characterization of paper surfaces and ultrastructure.
  • Materials Testing – The PDC’s Controlled Environment Room provides more than 25 tests to characterize the properties of pulp and fibrous raw materials. Additional test devices and wet laboratory facilities are available to serve client needs ranging from the mundane to state-of-the-art.

For information on pricing or to schedule a trial, please contact Proserfina Bennett at 207-949-4176 or email