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Parking Services

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Rules & Regulations

The University may change Parking and Motor Vehicle Rules from time to time. Thereafter, it will promptly make available all changes to owners of registered vehicles via the provided email address.

A. Introduction:

B. General Reference Information:

  1. Motor Vehicle: any automobiles including motorcycles, but not including snowmobiles, as defined in M.R.S.A., Title 12, Section 1971.
  2. Registration: information required by Parking and Transportation Services and provided by the driver or owner – name, address and vehicle information.
  3. Permit: the means of identification by the use of a pre-numbered, color-coded hangtag-style permit displayed from the rearview mirror of the vehicle.
  4. Temporary Permit: issued for students and employees for up to a 7-day period.  No more than 3 temporary permits will be issued per semester unless otherwise approved by the Parking and Transportation Services.
  5. Parking Lots: the designated paved areas on the University of Maine Campus, or University of Maine owned or controlled property.  Signage should be noted at the entrance or plainly within view stating the restriction of the lot.
  6. Permit and Parking Lot Color Designation: color codes on permits, signs and parking maps which identify the corresponding permits/lots for ease of recognition.  All other vehicles are prohibited from parking therein unless special permission is granted by Parking and Transportation Services.  Permit holders should read front and back of their permit to clarify lot designations.
  • Blue color-coded lots are for use by Blue permit holders.
  • Red color-coded lots are for use by Red permit holders.
  • Black color-coded lots are for use by Black and Blue permit holders.
  • Lot designation is subject to change.  Posted signage will always take precedence over any campus map.
  • A replacement permit will be provided for a $5.00 processing fee.  Permits stolen are to be reported to UMaine Police Department; permits lost are to be reported to Parking and Transportation Services.  A vehicle displaying a reported lost or stolen permit will be cited and subject to towing at the owners expense.

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7.  Special Parking Areas/Conditions

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D. General Rules:

  1. All Resident Student lots are restricted at all times to resident permitted vehicles only.
  2. Parking in other than color-coded lots is prohibited and will result in your vehicle being towed and stored at the owner’s expense. Special authorization may be obtained from the Parking and Transportation Services.
  3. Any vehicle, illegally parked will be prima facie evidence that it has been parked by the person in whose name the permit is assigned, and/or by the registered owner recorded at the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  4. No vehicle may be operated on University roadways if it is in violation of any state or local municipal ordinance. All violations involving moving vehicles are processed through District Court.
  5. The speed limit, unless otherwise posted, is twenty (20) miles per hour and fifteen (15) miles per hour through University Park, conditions permitting.
  6. Motor vehicles may not be left on University-owned/controlled property for any extended period of time during vacations, or for an academic field trip, athletic trip (athletes and spectators), or other University related business trip, without prior permission and instructions from the Parking and Transportation Services Office.
  7. Motor vehicles using any parking area must be registered (State and University), in operating condition at all times, and in compliance with these Rules.
  8. Any person using any parking area will cooperate during periods of snow removal, or when the parking area has been closed for an authorized event, by moving his/her vehicle promptly when requested by University staff.
  9. Prior to having a motorcade on campus, a permit must be obtained through the UMaine Police Department.
  10. Parking citations must be answered within 10 days; in person, to MaineCard Services, 130 Memorial Union or by mail to the Parking and Transportation Services Office, 523 DTAV, Community Center, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469-5702.
  11. Citations must be paid at MaineCard Services (130 Memorial Union) or Parking and Transportation Services (Office 523 DTAV, Community Center) or, if a student, unpaid fees will be transferred to the student’s account at the Bursar’s Office in Alumni Hall. Failure to pay an outstanding balance may result in the inability to register for classes; transcripts or graduation diplomas being withheld; referral to a collection agency; until fines are paid in full.
  12. No vehicle may park or stop within twenty (20) feet of any fire hydrant.  All vehicles will be towed and stored at the owner’s expense.
  13. Occupants’ vehicles parked at the University Park will utilize the space provided by the apartment as identified by Student Auxiliary Services.
  14. Motor vehicles are prohibited on the bikeway. Exceptions are maintenance and emergency vehicles performing routine patrol or responding to an emergency on the bikeway.
  15. The University of Maine assumes no responsibility for damage to, or theft from, any vehicle parked at any University parking area or elsewhere on University property, or any vehicle which is damaged while being towed or in storage as herein provided for.

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C. Specific Information:

  1. The Faculty/Staff, Commuter and Visitor parking lots are open to visitors use without a permit on University recognized holidays, Saturdays, Sundays, and between the hours of 4:00 PM and 6:00 AM on weekdays.  Exceptions to this use listed below:
  • Winter Parking Ban – All Faculty/Staff, Commuter, and Visitor parking areas and all roadways and driveways are closed to parking from November 1 to May 1 of each year between the hours of 12:01 AM and 6:00 AM.  Vehicles parked in violation will be subject to being ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense without further notice.
  • Motor vehicles used by faculty, staff, and students must have a permit and be registered with Parking and Transportation Services when on campus.

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E. Penalties:

Any violation of these Rules may result in being cited, removed, and towed or immobilization; and/or other appropriate disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to, proceedings under the Student Conduct Code; proceedings under State of Maine law or any combination of such penalties.  Charges for violations of these Rules may be waived by payment of the fines:

Violations Fine
1.    Parking in spaces designated for Handicap without the appropriate permit/placard.

  • No current UMAINE disabled permit or placard displayed.
  • No valid state disabled plate or placard displayed.
2.    Parking in a posted Fire Lane. $100
3.    Using an unauthorized permit that has been altered, found, stolen, or counterfeited. $50
4.    Parking in an unpaved are or on the turf. $50
5.    Failure to register a vehicle with Parking and Transportation Services after receiving three of more citations for “No Permit”. $50
6.    Parking on a sidewalk, pedestrian path, safety zone or in an area or manner constituting a safety hazard. $25
7.    Parking in violation of permit issued.  (Improper Lot) $25
8.    Parking in posted loading zone without proper permit. $25
9.    Parking in posted bus stop area. $25
10.  Parking in lots that are closed to overnight parking due to winter parking ban. $25
11.  Parking in lots that have been closed for:

  • snow removal,
  • maintenance, or
  • a special event.
12.  Parking in “No Parking” areas:

  • Roadways,
  • Obstructing a driveway,
  • Obstructing a street,
  • Obstructing a vehicle, or
  • Obstructing a bicycle lane.
13.  Parking overtime in a metered or timed space. $25
14.  Parking in a posted “Service Vehicle” space. $25
15.  Parking without a permit (no permit). $25
16.  Failure to display a parking permit after it has been purchased and is valid. $10

Multiple tickets will be issued in lieu of impoundment and towing.

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F. Towing Policy:

1. A vehicle may be towed or immobilized and stored at the owner’s expense without further notice when found in any of the following situations:

2. A vehicle will not be released until the individual requesting its release presents satisfactory evidence of his or her right to possession and signs accordingly. In addition, it will not be released until a Parking and Transportation Services or their duly authorized representative, certifies that all fees, fines and other charges (including, all costs of towing, notices and storage) have been paid.

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G. Authority:

H. Appeals:

The appeals process is in place to ensure a fair and consistent application and enforcement of The University of Maine (UM) Parking Rules.

There is a two-level appeal process:

All appellant-related information is confidential and intended for discussion only to those with a need-to-know status.

Note: Forms for initiating the review of parking citations are available at MaineCard Services and Parking and Transportation Services.

I. We are a walking campus:

Walking Distance Comparisons from the Center of the Mall to the Center of:

Information regarding changes, amendments and updates of the University Parking Rules may be found by logging on to “First Class” and at our Web address at:

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Emergency Phone Number: On Campus, Dial 911 for Police, Fire, and Ambulance: Emergency Call Box locations.

Business Hours:

MaineCard Services is open during the academic year from 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.  Parking and Transportation is open from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, University observed holidays excepted.

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Please read and remember – It might save you a parking citation on your vehicle from being towed!

  1. You are responsible for all violations by a vehicle displaying a permit issued to you. If you lend your vehicle or permit, proper parking is still your responsibility.
  2. If you transfer or sell a vehicle, please remember to remove the permit and transfer it to your new vehicle. A permit can be replaced for a $5.00 processing fee.
  3. If you drive another vehicle while yours is being repaired, etc., you should transfer your permit as well.  If you forget to do so, a temporary permit may be issued at UMaine Police Department,  MaineCard Services or Parking and Transportation Services.
  4. Permits should be hung from rear-view mirror. Any permit or placard not permanently affixed to vehicle should be removed during vehicle operation.
  5. Park only in a designated parking space, marked by white lines on the pavement. There is no parking on any University road or driveway. Vehicles parking in these areas will be ticketed and towed or immobilized.
  6. When the privilege to park motor vehicles has been revoked, the revocation will include all motor vehicles registered to the owner of the offending vehicle either by parking permit or state registry as subject to towing and impound until all outstanding parking citations have been paid. That revocation also applies to that individual’s parking privileges on University property regardless of vehicle used.
  7. Zebra stripes indicate a NO PARKING area.
  8. Lack of space in a convenient parking lot is not a valid excuse for violating a parking regulation.

Information regarding changes, amendments, and updates of the University Parking Rules and Regulations may be found by logging on to “First Class” and at our Web address at:

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