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GL Reader - GL Overview

The University Research Council’s Committee on Reducing Bureaucracy, in cooperation with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), has developed a tool called “GL Reader” to assist faculty researchers and financial managers with monthly project account reviews required by Federal auditors.

GL Reader is a Microsoft Access application, available free of charge, designed by ORSP that can be used by anyone with Office 2003 or later installed on their computer. It uses spreadsheet data downloaded from the PeopleSoft GL Inquiry screen and displays a simplified view of the budget and expenditures in a format similar to a bank statement. This makes the review process easier and also serves as documentation of the reviews for audit purposes without using a separate log or filing system. It can be used for single or multiple project accounts.  GL Reader shows available direct cost balances (with or without encumbrances), highlights overspent or unbudgeted items, and provides a personnel costs summary, making it easy to identify problems. Of course, if problems are discovered during a review the user must return to PeopleSoft to make the necessary corrections. GL Reader also allows the user to add pending, anticipated or projected costs to show a more accurate view of current balances or to aid in planning future expenditures.  Cooperative Extension has graciously participated in beta tests of this tool and it is now ready to be released for general use.

Since GL Reader is an in-house application, ORSP will address bug reports quickly and welcomes suggestions for enhancements or modifications. Please direct such requests or any questions you have about GL Reader to Clifford Wilbur (1-1419 or on FirstClass) at ORSP.

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