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FAQ - New Employees

Besides visiting Payroll, what other things should new employees get taken care of on their first day?

MaineCard and Parking Pass are available in the Memorial Union at the Student Service Center and registering and setting up FirstClass email accounts can be done at IT in Shibles Hall.  More information for new employees can be found at:

When will I receive my first paycheck? How often do I get paid?

Both of these depend on what classification of employee you are. Talk to your supervisor or contact payroll.

How do I report time off?

You must report all time off via MaineStreet or your supervisor.

How much sick time and vacation time am I allowed?

Sick and vacation time will vary on what unit you are in or how long you have worked for UMS. You can view your vacation and sick balances on MaineStreet. Earned time off and balances will also appear on your paycheck.

What is my work schedule?

Usual office work hours are from 8am – 4:30pm, but this does not include all positions. Please review your job description and appointment letter or check with your supervisor for your required schedule.

What and when is New Employee Orientation?

The date for your new employee orientation will be stated in your appointment letter. Visit the new employee orientation web page for more information.

What are my health and dental insurance benefits?

Visit the benefits web page for complete details.

Is there childcare available at the University?

Yes, there are childcare services available. More information can be found on the Children’s Center website

How do I register for classes? Do the classes have to be work related?

Contact the Continuing Education office at 581-3143 or visit their website. Classes do not have to be work related. Employees will be required to make up time missed from work for any classes.

What kind of activities and events can I expect on campus?

There are many daily, weekly, and yearly activities and events at the University. Events range from movie nights, to karaoke, to First Year Family Day, to Winter Carnival, to the always popular Maine Day. A full list can be found on the Campus Activities and Events website.

What is the University’s Policy on Spousal and Partner Accommodation?

More information can be found at:

Or contact Kelly Hoovler at 581-1531

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