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Welcome to Health Professions

Health Care Professional

The Health Professions Office (HPO) maintains information on admission requirements of selected professional schools (the Fogler Library has complete catalog information on all schools in the United States, Canada, and many foreign countries) and application forms for standardized national exams.

If you are interested in a career in the health professions, you should visit the HPO at your earliest convenience to register as a pre-health professional student. Once registered with the HPO:

  • You will have access to information regarding upcoming Health Professions activities, guest speakers and workshops.
  • A file will be started containing a copy of your academic records and letters of recommendation that you ask faculty members to submit.

Watch the Tufts Medical School Acceptance Video
featuring Scott Merrill & Crisanne Blackie!

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UMaine Students Gain Early Admission to Tufts Medical School


The Health Professions office directory information:

Location: Room 300 Memorial Union
STEM/ Health Professions Career Consultant
Monica Zilioli
Phone Number: 207-581-2587 Fax Number: 207-581-3003


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