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Tutorials - Blackboard

Blackboard is a web-based educational tool that provides a better communication between class members and faculty, adds various pedagogical benefits and enables student – centered teaching approaches. Some of the features are discussion boards, chats, on-line examination, etc. BlackBoard can be accessed here: BlackBoard login page.

NEW: Blackboard 9 ( is here for use in developing courses.

Blank shells have been created for all of your upcoming courses within Blackboard 9 already. When you login to Blackboard 9, you will see all of your courses right on the home page.

Resources for students:

Students, if you still have questions please contact or visit the Help Center: 207.581.2506.

Resources for instructors:

Making your course available to students for the semester

How to Copy your course materials from the previous course

If you still have questions please contact or visit the Faculty Development Center: 207.581.1925

Plagiarism Check:

SafeAssign, a part of Blackboard is the tool to check student papers for plagiarism. More info here!

Video tutorial: Creating a SafeAssignment

Video Tutorials

Use the new feature called Video Anywhere to quickly record a video straight into Blackboard from your webcam!

Working in the Course Environment

Building Course Content

Using the Discussion Board

Managing Group Work

Blogs and Journals

Announcements and Scheduling

Grade Center

Tests, Surveys, and Pools


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