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The Faculty Development Center offers a variety of services aimed towards faculty and staff. A list of these services appear below, more information about a service can be obtained by the respective link.

Test Scoring Services

We offer test scoring services here a the Faculty Development Center. Click the link above, or here, to find out more information and to download pertinent forms.

Video Digitizing / Audio Services

The Faculty Development Center has all the necessary software and fast computers to handle a variety of video and audio tasks,and we are happy to assist you. For more information please click the link above, or here.


We have also created and compiled a list of tutorials associated with the various technologies that can be found at Umaine. If you are looking for how to operate a particular piece of software or new piece of equipment, check our tutorial list to get you started.

Scanning and Text Recognition

Here at the Faculty Development Center we provide scanning and professional text recognition services.