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2008-2009 - February 25, 2009

Faculty Senate Minutes

FEBRUARY 25, 2009

Present: Andrei Alyokhin, Daniel Bleknap, Sandy Berkowitz, Chris Campbell, Ted Coladarci, Catherine Elliott, Cynthia Erdley, Susan Erich, Sue Estler, Janet Fairman, James Fastook, Jacques Ferland, Todd Gabe, Per Garder, Gail Garthwait, Michael Grillo, William Halteman, Dianne Hoff, Kirsten Jacobson, Cary Jenson, Deborah Killam, Michael Kinnison, Irv Kornfield, Judy Kuhns-Hastings, Larry Latour, Molly MacLean, James McClymer, David Morrison, Tina Passman, Bob Rice, Dylan Riley, Kathryn Slott, Touradj Solouki, Patrick Spinney, Claire Strickland, Michael Trainor, Shihfen Tu, James Warhola, Nate Wildes, Vivian Wu.

Absent: Carla Billitteri, Douglas Bousfield, Thomas Brann, Fei Chai, Steve Cohn, William Congleton, Raphael DiLuzio, Duane Hanselman, Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, Karl Kreutz, Craig Mason, Lisa Neuman, Ngo Vinh Long, Harlan Onsrud, Howard Patterson, Justin Poland, Stephanie Welcomer, Mark Wells, Huiji Xue.

Senate President Dianne Hoff opened the meeting at 3:00 pm.

The meeting began with discussion about the Task Force meeting that was held immediately before the senate meeting. Dianne recommended that people make direct communication with the task force members and to keep an eye on the progress that is being made. A comment was made that UMaine is the only research institution in the University of Maine System. Another person said that there are a lot of faculty positions that are not being filled when they are vacated. Another commented that as the flagship campus in the UMS UMaine should take more of a leadership role in the budget process.

The IT Council has been meeting and is producing documents pertaining to consolidation. There are areas that cannot be consolidated and there are many ways that IT has saved money for this campus.

Another comment was made that people should also be writing to the chairs of the other two arenas in the Chancellor’s “New Challenge, New Directions” plan.

Michael Trainor, the Chair of UMaine’s Board of Visitors, was present for much of the discussion regarding the Task Force meeting. He commented that members of the UMaine community should contact Legislators with comments regarding budget cuts and how they will affect our campus. He also stated that we should keep a positive attitude when discussing UMaine. The Task Force is looking for major savings.

Committee Reports:

BOT Representative – Dr. Bob Rice

Dr. Rice was attending the continuing Task Force workshop.

Academic Affairs – Dr. Dan Belknap

Will have a motion at the next meeting.

Constitution & Bylaws – Dr. Hudy Kuhns-Hastings

There is a motion on the agenda to amend sections of the senate Bylaws.

Finance & Institutional Planning – Dr. Sue Estler & Dr. William Halteman

Library Advisory Committee – Dr. Harlan Onsrud

No Report.

Service & Outreach – Dr. Michael Grillo

No Report

Committee on Committees – Dr. Shihfen Tu

Need two faculty members to serve on the Student Learning and Outcome Assessment & Recruitment. The committee has enough people from CLAS.

Program Creation, Review & Reorganization – Dr. James Warhola

No Report.

Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Governance – Dr. Dianne Hoff & Dr. Bob Rice

There is a motion on the agenda.

University Environment – Dr. Stephanie Welcomer

No Report

Gen Ed Ad Hoc Committee – Dr. Tina Passman

There is a motion on the agenda.

New Business:

Changes to the Faculty Senate Bylaws

Judy Kuhns-Hastings presented the motion to amend areas of the Bylaws. Even though there were a few areas that needed editing, the motion passed. There will now be a 45 day period in which people can comment, the amendments will be voted on at the last meeting of the year.

Motion to Approve Shared Governance Policy:

Motion to Approve Shared Governance Policy

February 2008


The Board of Trustees of the University of Maine System has charged each campus to create a Shared Governance Policy to become part of the Bylaws for the Faculty Senate. Representatives from the Faculty Senate and University administration have worked collaboratively for over a year to develop this policy, which has both an enduring philosophy statement and a more fluid implementation section. In the true spirit of shared governance, the implementation section can be revisited, as specified, making it responsive to university change and growth.


The Faculty Senate supports the Shared Governance Policy and recommends that it be turned over to the Secretary of Senate as proposed Bylaw Changes to be voted on 45 days hence.

There was some discussion regarding the Shared Governance motion. The motion passed.with1 abstention after a few friendly amendments.

General Education motion

Motion by Dan Belknap, Chair, Academic Affairs Committee:

The Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate moves formal acceptance of the General Education Student Learner Outcomes and Assessments per category, as developed by the General Education Working Groups, Center for Teaching Excellence, and the Ad Hoc Committee for General Education Requirements of the Faculty Senate, as submitted in written form today, February 25, 2009.

Passed with 1 abstention.

The meeting adjourned at 4:40 pm.


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