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2005-2006 - September 21, 2005

Faculty Senate Minutes

September 21, 2005

Present:  Jim Acheson, Shari Baxter, Robert Bayer, Carla Billitteri, Richard Blanke, Richard Borgman, Mark Wells (for Emmanuel Boss), Mary Brakey, Tony Brinkley, Rod Bushway, Sandy Caron, Hsiang-Tai Cheng, Alan Cobo-Lewis, Laura Cowan, Dorothy Croall, John Daigle, Marcia Davidson, Michael Eckardt, Mahmoud El-Begearmi, Sue Estler, Amy Fried, Jim Horan (for Stephen French Gilson), Robert Gundersen, Nancy Hall, William Halteman, Marie Hayes, Dianne Hoff, Karen Horton, Susan Hunter, Daniel Innis, Mel Johnson,  Scott Johnson, Leonard Kass, Robert Kennedy,  Dennis King, Irv Kornfield, David Kotecki, John Mahon, Kathleen March, Stephen Marks, James McClymer, Kathleen McIntyre, Brigham McNaughton, Harlan Onsrud, Eric Peterson, Mick Peterson, Paul Rawson, Robert Rice, Alan Rosenwasser, Linda Rottman, Joyce Rumery, Denise Skonberg, Kathryn Slott, Touradj Solouki, Janet Waldron, Beth Wiemann.

Absent:  Aria Amirbahman, Dean Astumian, Eisso Atzema, Raphael DiLuzio, James Gilbert, Alexander Grab, Michael Greenwood, Ludlow Hallman, John Jemison, Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, David Lambert, Jessica Miller, Michael Scott, Stellos Tavantzis, Roy Turner, Stephanie Welcomer.

The meeting was called to order at 3:17 pm.

The minutes from the April 27, 2005 senate meeting were approved.

President Marie Hayes gave opening remarks.  She announced that Friday, September 23, at 3 pm, is the installation of Dr. Robert Kennedy as 18th President of the University of Maine.  She congratulated President Kennedy and encouraged all to attend the event.

Questions for the Administrators:

Dr. Hayes asked Michael Eckardt to give the senate news on research on campus.

He said that a new IGRT had been awarded to the University to Kate Beard and Robert Ladd and that these awards give very good assistantships to graduate students.  We have been awarded a second IGRT in functional genomics through Keith Hutchinson and Robert Jackson.  Very few universities in the United States have two IGRTs.

A question was asked regarding the University Research Council.  Dr. Eckardt said that the first meeting of the URC would be September 22.  Three sub-committees have been working on aspects of research on campus.  Part of this relates to the Creative Economy.

A question was asked of Vice President Janet Waldron regarding the two year budget.  Dr. Waldron said that $750,000 still needs to be identified in the FY06 budget.  Energy costs are increasing; we are going to address this issue.  Since expenditure growth on an annual basis outstrips the growth in revenue, we have a structural gap.

Dr. Hayes asked President Kennedy to comment on the visit by the Chancellor and his staff regarding the UMS Strategic Plan.  President Kennedy stated that on September 16 about 250 people from across the University of Maine System had a retreat on campus.  Each of the 10 Strategic Plan Directions has a committee comprised of people from every campus in the system.  There were some interim reports.  It was felt that the Library committee had the most unanimous support and the most comprehensive plan.  This speaks very well for our campus.  Dr. Kennedy said that the research aspect of the plan really only involves the UM and USM campuses; that committee is making good progress.  There is considerable concern about centralization and Peoplesoft issues. The strategic planning committees have to submit reports by December 22.  He thinks that implementation will occur at the end of the academic year.

Another question pertained to how much time would be allowed to read the reports and comment on them.  Dr. Kennedy said that he hoped that the reports would be available for distribution sometime between January and May.

What is going to happen to the Bangor Campus?  There was an open forum meeting regarding this last week.  Dr. Kennedy said that there has been no real resolution regarding UCB.  He said that the resolution of the UCB is probably one of the most controversial in the Strategic Plan.  He thinks once the USM/UMA issue is resolved, the UCB issue will be resolved also.

Dr. Hayes asked about the proposed School of Public Policy.  Dr. Mahon gave a little background on the proposal.  The Muskie Center brings in $30 million in monies each year. Dr. Daniel Innis, Dean, Business, Public Policy & Health, said that meetings regarding this idea started in August.  Once a draft is approved by the committee it will be distributed on campus for feedback and comment.  He said they are trying to create something that will better coordinate the campus policy efforts.  There are at least 90 faculty on campus who do policy research and there are 14 units that do policy research.  People don’t know where to go with policy questions.

Committee Reports:

  • Academic Affairs – Dr. Eric Peterson, Dr. Irv Kornfield
  • Dr. Peterson gave the report.  Committee members in addition to the co-chairs are:
  • Dr. Richard Blanke, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Mary Brakey, Business, Public Policy & Health
  • Dr. Sue Estler, College of Education & Human Development
  • Dr. Sue Hunter, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Dr. Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture
  • Dr. David Kotecki, College of Engineering
  • Anne Schmidt, Association of Graduate Students

A couple of members are continuing on from last year. There are issues from last year, such as Teaching Evaluations, which the committee will work on with the University Teaching Council.  If anyone has issues that the Academic Affairs Committee can help with, please contact Dr. Peterson.

Constitution & Bylaws – Dr. Leonard Kass

The committee will devote most of the time to updating the Faculty Handbook.  If anyone finds any serious problems with the Constitution & Bylaws, please let him know.  Dr. Kass said that they would be recruiting people who had worked on the handbook over the years to work with the committee.  Dr. Mahon said that Dr. Douglas Gelinas had volunteered to help with the handbook, as he will be returning to campus in a part-time capacity beginning in January helping the campus to prepare for accreditation.

University Environment – Dr. Amy Fried and Dr. Sandy Caron, Co-chairs

Members of the Committee are:

  • Dr. Stephanie Welcomer, Business, Public Policy & Health
  • Dr. Michael Scott, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Laura Cowan, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Clarissa Henry, Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture
  • Dr. Karen Horton, College of Engineering

Some of the issues they are working on are family leave, technology both in research and the classroom and also discussion on the UMaine Won’t Discriminate Resolution.

Research & Public Service – Dr. Scott Johnson, Dr. Mick Peterson, Co-chairs

Dr. Johnson introduced members of the committee:

  • Dr. Aria Amirbahman, College of Engineering
  • Dr. Jessica Miller, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. James Acheson, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Dennis King, Education & Human Development
  • Dr. Phil Trostel, Ad Hoc Member
  • Dr. Paul Rawson, Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture

Dr. Johnson stated that he and Co-chair Mick Peterson are both members of the University Research Council, which meshes well with the Research & Public Service committee of the senate.

Finance & Institutional Planning – Dr. Todd Gabe

As Dr. Gabe was unable to attend this meeting, Dr. Hayes informed the senate that Dr. Gabe was the Chair last year, and had an excellent working relationship with the finance people in the administration.

Members of the committee are:

  • Dr. Richard Borgman, Business, Public Policy & Health
  • Dr. Robert Bayer, Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture
  • Dr. William Halteman, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Sue Estler, College of Education & Human Development
  • Dr. Marcia Douglas, Education & Human Development
  • Claire Strickland, Director of Budget & Business Services
  • Dr. Janet Waldron, Vice President for Administration & Finance
  • Kathleen McIntyre

Committee on Committees – Dr. Stephen French Gilson

Dr. James Horan substituted for Dr. Gilson who was unable to attend.

Dr. Horan opened by stating that the committee has put forward names to serve on two search committees, the Provost Search and the Dean, NSFA, search.  The people to serve on the Dean Search are Dr. Mark Anderson, Dr. Ivan Fernandez, Dr. Michael Greenwood and Dr. Jody Jellison.  The faculty who will serve on the Provost Search are Dr. Elizabeth Depoy, Dr. Edward Jadallah, Dr. Ann Schonberger and Dr. Owen Smith.

Members of the committee are:

  • Dr. Stephen French Gilson, Chair
  • Dr. Jim Horan, Business, Public Policy & Health
  • Dr. Dennis King, Education & Human Development
  • Dr. Carla Billitteri, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Mike Greenwood, Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture
  • Dr. Tom Sandford, College of Engineering

Library Advisory Committee – Dr. Dianne Hoff

The members of the committee are:

  • Dr. Dean Astumian, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Eisso Atzema, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Mary Brakey, Business, Public Policy & Health
  • Dr. Tony Brinkley, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Rodney Bushway, Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture
  • Dr. Kathleen March, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Robert Rice, Natural Sciences, Forestry & Agriculture
  • Dr. Donald Hayes, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. Kathryn Slott, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Dr. James McClymer, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Joyce Rumery, Dean of Libraries

The Library Advisory Committee needs a faculty member from Engineering.

Some of the issues they are looking at are bonding funds for the library, the culling of the journal collections, and research issues and how they affect the library.  They will keep a close watch on the Strategic Plan Direction that relates to the library.

Service & Outreach Committee – Dr. Kathleen March

Dr. Hayes explained to those members who were not present last year that Dr. March led an effort to have a sub-committee created from the Research & Public Service Standing Committee to put more emphasis on the Service/Outreach aspect of the committee.

Members include:

  • Rebecca Brochu, AmeriCorps VISTA
  • Dr. Robert Gundersen
  • Dr. David Lambert
  • Dr. Dennis King
  • Dr. John Jemison
  • Dr. Lavon Bartel
  • Dr. Andy Mauery
  • Adrienne Traxler

One of their initial efforts will be to define what service is and how it is valued on campus.

Board of Trustees Representative – Dr. Robert Rice

Dr. Rice said that the BOT met on June 5 and 6 in Fort Kent.  Several issues of interest to UMaine were discussed.  The BOT approved the dining services renewal plan for up to $19 million for revamping the dining commons on campus, a conference center, upgrading the dining facilities.  The BOT also approved the $1 million gift from Larry Mahaney for a dome for the athletics department.  President Kennedy announced a $150 million capital campaign.  Two special reports were given: the Committee on College Readiness looks at the preparedness of high school seniors, and the retention of high school seniors from the state.  Studies have shown that the number of remedial courses students need to take is in direct relation to retention rates.

It was mentioned that there will be massive retirements in the next few years.

The BOT approved the appointment of Dr. Sue Hunter to Associate Provost of Undergraduate Education.

Dr. Rice said that the BOT Representative sits on a couple of committees regarding the Strategic Plan and the system level.  He mentioned the large meeting that occurred last week.  He said that the Chancellor is serious about implementing large parts of this plan in the near term.  All committee reports with action items are due on December 22.

Old Business:  Update of MAPI, Dr. John Mahon, Provost ad interim

Dr. Mahon opened by stating that last year $300,000 was awarded to six proposals.  All commitments that have been made will be honored.  Because we are in a deficit situation at this point, the status of the next round of MAPI has not been decided.  There are a number of unknown expenses at this time, heat, contract resolutions with various groups.  Dr. Mahon gave a brief assessment of what MAPI is and the application procedure.  Dr. Mahon again stressed that he has no say in the decisions of which proposals were awarded funding. He said anyone who had submitted a proposal should speak with Dan Sandweiss, Carol Wood, Doug Ruthven, Jessica Miller or Susan McKay. He said that the proposals that were rejected should have received feedback from the committee.  No one should interpret the cautionary comments as the end of the MAPI program.  Dr. Mahon and President Kennedy are committed to support the six current MAPI projects and will add $50,000 to a MAPI program’s base budget upon successful completion of the three-year MAPI endeavor.  Dr. Mahon also suggested that the Faculty Senate may want to get presentations from some of the proposals that were successful.

New Business:  Report – University Teaching Council, Dr. Irving Kornfield

Dr. Kornfield opened by stating that the Provost had approved the formation of the University Teaching Council. (Copy of charter below)  The main focus is to balance the emphasis that has been placed on research.  The Provost has been very supportive in the formation of this group.  Dr. Kornfield is the chair of the council.  The council will be soliciting from faculty ideas ways to provide visibility for teaching on campus.  They will not usurp the powers of the Center for Teaching Excellence.  They will not take any responsibilities away from the Faculty Senate.  They will work closely with the CTE to support activities that increase visibility and effectiveness of, and celebrate, undergraduate and graduate education on and off campus.

Dr. Kornfield referenced a document from 1991 which, in part, supported “teaching sabbaticals”.  The council will attempt to make this an across the board recommendation with the Provost’s approval.  The council recognizes that each individual department has its own criteria for granting sabbaticals.  The council feels that a sabbatical to plan curricula, reinvigorate a particular subject is important.  There are a number of initiatives similar to this that the council wants to explore such as the teaching evaluation form and recognition for outstanding teaching in colleges that do not normally recognize faculty for teaching.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted.

Kathleen March



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