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2002-2003 - October 24, 2002

Faculty Senate Minutes

October 23, 2002

PRESENT: Jim Acheson, Peggy Agouris, Darlene Bay, David Batuski, Doug Bousfield, Phyllis Brazee, Martha Broderick, Kathrine Carter, Robert Causey, Thomas Christensen, Laura Cowan, Eugene Del Vecchio, Ed Ferguson, Todd Gabe, Sandy Gardner, Alla Gamarnik, Gail Garthwait, Michael Grillo, Ludlow Hallman, Don Hayes, Peter Hoff, Jim Horan, Mike Howard, John Jemison, Mel Johnson, Robert Kennedy, Dennis King, Dorothy Klimis-Zacas, Peter Koons, Irv Kornfield, Bjorn Lake, Jenny Londot, Ngo Vinh Long, John Maddaus, Kathleen March (for Dan Sandweiss), Stephen Marks, Shannon Martin, Larryl Matthews, Jim McClymer, Charles Moody, Raymond O’Connor, Howard Patterson, Bryan Pearce, Scott Reynolds, Robert Rice, Linda Rottmann, Doug Ruthven, Thomas Sandford, Christa Schwintzer, Bruce Segee, Phillip Silver, Mary Ellen Symanski, Andrew Thomas, Ken Tudor, Roy Turner, Jim Warhola, Gregory White, Dave Yarborough

ABSENT: Michael Greenwood, Marie Hayes, Dianne Hoff, Dana Humphrey, Joseph Kelley, Carol Kim, Roger King, Mike McCauley, Bob Strong, Stylianos Tavantzis, Bob Whelan

I. Welcome and Sign-in

The meeting was called to order at 3:15 .

II. Ludlow Hallman moved and Phyllis Brazee seconded that the minutes of the September 25 meeting be approved. The motion passed unanimously.

III. Announcements

· The next elected members meeting is November 6.

· An attempt is being made to move the location of faculty senate meetings. Possible sites are the main area of Wells Commons , or the new Buchanan Center .

· A time has not yet been sent for the visit from the Chancellor.

· The executive committee of Faculty Senate met with the Board of Visitors and discussed retention and the academic environment.

IV. Question to the Administrators

Eugene Del Vecchio was asked about the status of the German Program. The department will not be closed. The concerns which led to this consideration were based on erroneous figures, which were corrected on the basis of a hand audit. Staffing issues due to potential retirements have been solved.

Michael Grillo asked about the status of the Latin Program. This department has one professor attempting to deliver a program to the entire state. Further investigation will be conducted.

Raymond O’Connor asked about the rule related to outside employment and TIAA CREF. Currently, deposits may be made for faculty who work for 2 month or more, but cannot be made for those that work less than that. In addition, what happens to the money that outside employers send in, but is not deposited in TIAA CREF? Mark Anderson replied that those are system rules, but he will try to find out.

Christa Schwintzer asked Mark Anderson about the results of the safety violations that led to a fatal accident this summer. Mark Anderson replied that we are working hard to understand the incident and prevent reoccurrences. The final fine totaled $51,000. The University is working with outside consultants and the Bureau of Labor Standards and is committed to making improvements. The current safety program will be expanded, reorganized, and renamed Safety and Environmental Management. A new director is being hired as well as full time safety trainers. OSHA is requiring self audits which will be conducted beginning November 1. Remote facilities will be audited first. Raymond O’Connor asked if money would be available to meet some of the new standards that are being imposed on departments. Mark Anderson replied that maybe departments could take the funds from their share of the forthcoming funds from incentive based budgeting.

V. Committee Reports

A) University Environment – Michael Grillo

The committee is conducting discussion with Provost Kennedy about models of shared governance. Jim Warhola asked for an elaboration. Grillo stated that they just opening the discussion of various models. Warhola asked if input from faculty was being sought. Grillo replied that would be done through Faculty Senate.

B) Research and Public Service—David Batuski and Roy Turner

A summary of Extramural Activity was handed out. The committee has heard some concerns about the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. It requested that senators attempt to get specific input. Howard Patterson commented that the concerns may result from an expectations gap about what the office considers its role to be versus what faculty want its role to be. Andy Thomas asked how the make up of the committee was determined. Bob Kennedy replied that all directors reporting to the VP of Research and some faculty constitute the committee. At the next meeting the composition of the committee will be reviewed. If anyone would like to be on the committee, they should continue to try. There was some concern that not all awards go through sponsored programs and that the handout should include these amounts, as well.

C) Finance and Institutional Planning – Christa Schwintzer

The committee has a new member, Gail Garthwait. The committee has met, assigned tasks and scheduled meetings for the rest of the semester.

D) Academic Affairs – Howard Patterson

The committee is working on two things:

Freshman retention. Maine has the lowest retention rate of any of the New England land grants. The committee has met with the Dean of Enrollment Management to begin discussions of how this can be repaired. The make-up of the committee is set, but input is always welcome.

General Education Requirements. The committee has met with Doug Gelinas and the Provost about assessment and the need to change the requirements.

E) Committee on Committee – Carol Kim

Carol Kim was not present. The committee has no requests to fill.

F) Constitution and By Laws – Bryan Pearce

Gail Garthwait has also been added to this committee. The committee continues to work on the faculty handbook and is bringing a motion today. Evaluation of administrators will be discussed at the next full meeting.

G) Board of Trustees Representation – Dana Humphrey

Dana Humphrey was not present. No report.

H) Library Advisory Committee – Dianne Hoff

Dianne Hoff was not present. No report.

I) Interdisciplinary Programs – Jim Warhola

Phyllis Brazee has been added to the committee. The committee is discussing its status and is leaning toward recommending that it be made a standing committee. It is also working on getting a more comprehensive listing of interdisciplinary courses in the undergraduate catalog. It is working with the administration on the language for the guidelines for interdisciplinary programs. Finally, it has found a model program at UC Davis to use as a benchmark in informing efforts at University of Maine .

VI. Old Business

No old business.

VII. New Business

1. Motion regarding seven year rotating calendar.


The Faculty Senate adopted a seven-year rotating calendar in April of 1992. Since then, the calendar has been modified at least three times. First, the winter break between the final exam period and the commencement of classes for the Spring semester was extended with the adoption of a “Winter Term” that began in January, 1998. Second, the final exam period was changed from a four-day schedule to a five-day schedule. Finally, a holiday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. was added on the third Monday in January. Two of these changes have created difficulties for some students.

First, the extension of the winter break resulted in complaints from a number of students who were required to take classes or to perform internships during “May term”. Those complaints centered on the extension of May term activities into June and made summer employment difficult. Some also complained that the extended winter break was a waste of time for those not attending classes. Second, the extension of the exam schedule, while advantageous for most students, resulted in the last day of final exams being December 24th in 2004 and 2010, making travel difficult during the holiday period.

The proposed calendar returns to the seven year rotating calendar of 1992 and results in May term beginning at least one week earlier. Second, the calendar proposes that classes begin on August 30 in 2004 and 2010 avoiding the Christmas Eve exam problem.


The seven year rotating calendar, outlined below, should be adopted by the University.

Seven Year Rotating Calendar

Approved by Faculty Senate 4/1992

Changes since then are in italics.

I. When Labor Day is September 1:

Fall semester (2003, 2008, 2014)

Classes begin Tuesday, September 2

Fall break Monday and Tuesday, October 13-14

Thanksgiving Break Begins Wednesday, November 26

Classes end Friday December 12

Final exams December 15-19 (5 days)

Spring semester (2004, 2009, 2015)

Classes begin Monday, January 12

No classes on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 19

7 weeks of classes

2 week spring break

7 weeks of classes

Maine Day penultimate Wednesday (approved through 2006)

1 week (5 days ) of final exams

II. When Labor Day is September 2:

Fall semester (2002, 2013)

Classes begin Tuesday, September 3

Fall break Monday and Tuesday, October 14-15

Thanksgiving Break Begins Wednesday, November 27

Classes end Friday, December 13

Final exams December 16-20

Spring semester (2014)

Classes begin Monday, January 13

No classes on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 20

(Same as spring semester above)

III. When Labor Day is September 3:

Fall semester (2007, 2012)

Classes begin Tuesday, September 4

Fall break Monday and Tuesday, October 8-9

Thanksgiving Break Begins Wednesday, November 21

Classes end Friday, December 14

Final exams December 17-21

Spring semester (2008, 2013)

Classes begin Monday, January 14

No classes on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 21

(Same as spring semester above)

IV. When Labor Day is September 4:

Fall semester (2006, 2012)

Classes begin Tuesday, September 5

Fall break Monday and Tuesday, October 9-10

Thanksgiving Break Begins Wednesday, November 22

Classes end Friday, December 15

Final exams December 18-22

Spring semester (2007, 2013)

Classes begin Tuesday, January 16 {Martin Luther King, Jr., Day}

(Same as spring semester above)

V. When Labor Day is September 5:

Fall semester (2005, 2011)

Classes begin Tuesday, September 6

Fall break Monday and Tuesday, October 10-11

Thanksgiving Break Begins Wednesday, November 23

Classes end Friday December 16

Final exams December 19-23

Spring semester (2006, 2012)

Classes begin Tuesday, January 17 {Martin Luther King, Jr., Day}

(Same as spring semester above)

VI. When Labor Day is September 6:

Fall semester (2004, 2010)

Classes begin Monday, August 30

Fall break Monday and Tuesday, October 11-12

Thanksgiving Break Begins Wednesday, November 24

Classes end Friday December 10

Final exams December 13-17

Spring semester (2005, 2011)

Classes begin Monday, January 10

No classes Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, January 17

(Same as spring semester above)

VII. When Labor Day is September 7:

Fall semester (2009, 2015)

Classes begin Monday, August 31

No Classes on Labor Day, Monday September 7

Fall break Monday and Tuesday, October 12-13

Thanksgiving Break Begins Wednesday, November 25

Classes end Friday December 11

Final exams December 14-18

Spring semester (2010, 2016)

Classes begin Monday, January 11

No classes on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, January 18

(Same as spring semester above)

John Maddaus made the motion and Howard Patterson seconded. The motion is a return to the 1992 calendar with a few changes. Classes would end at the earliest on May 6 and at the latest on May 12.

The motion passes 42 for, 4 against and 5 abstentions.

2. Motion to amend the Constitution of the Faculty Senate regarding the composition of the Committee on Committees.

Preamble: It is difficult to find ten faculty members to take an active part in the Committee on Committees. As a result, the Committee on Committees frequently operates without a full complement of members. The purpose of this motion is to bring

the constitution into alignment with current practice.


To amend Article VII. Section 2 of the Constitution of the Faculty Senate as shown below:

Section 2. The Committee on Committees. Except for the Committee on Committee, in consultation with the appointed Chair, the Senate President will appoint the members of each standing committee. In appointing members, the Senate President will

consider the need to balance membership continuity with new members in a given year. Committee membership is for one year, with the possibility of reappointment. The Committee on Committees, elected by the Senate, will consist of ten one faculty

Senate member from each college, one faculty Senate member from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the Graduate Student Association Representative to the Faculty Senate. The faculty members shall reflect the proportional representation to each college on the Senate, with provision that each participating college and CES shall have at least one member. It shall be the responsibility of the President, Vice President/President-elect, and the Secretary to determine the number of positions to be allocated to each college. The Committee on Committees shall, at the request of the University President or designee, recommend faculty members to standing and ad hoc administrative committees or shall provide a list to the President or designee of faculty members who have agreed to serve on a specific committee.

NOTE: Additions are shown in bold and deletions as strike outs. The current version is shown below for reference.

The proposed change will align the membership of the Committee with existing and past practice.

In accord with the provisions of the Constitution of the Faculty Senate, 45 days advance notification is needed for changes to the Constitution. It will then require a 2/3 vote to go forward. The motion will be on the agenda for the November 20 Senate meeting. 10 days after publication of the minutes, the vote goes to the entire faculty. If 2/3 of the responses received are for the motion, it passes. Any comments to the committee for amendments must be done 15 days before the vote.

VIII. Adjournment

John Maddaus moved and Howard Patterson seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 .

Respectfully submitted by,

Darlene Bay
Acting Secretary


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