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2001-2002 - November 26, 2001

Title: Senate meetings

Monday, November 26, 2001 9:00:21 AM Page 1 of 1

The November 28th full Faculty Senate meeting is cancelled.

There are no motions ready for consideration by that date.

Furthermore, we have a full Senate meeting scheduled for just two weeks later, on Dec. 12th, by which time there will be motions for consideration.

For those faculty members on the Senate, there is also a Elected Members Committee meeting which will take place as scheduled on Dec. 5th.

Also, I’d like to remind you that the General Education Review Committee will be holding its second open forum for discussion of general education requirements on Thursday, Nov. 29th, 2:OO-3:3Opm in the Coe Lounge of Memorial Union. A proposed alternative set of general education requirements is available on the Faculty Senate web site at

John Maddaus


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