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1996-1997 - February 26, 1997

Faculty Senate Minutes

February 26, 1997

PRESENT: John Alexander, Judi Bailey, Steven Barkan, Tony Brinkley, Richard Brucher, Mary Ellen Camire, Steven Colburn, James Fastook, Ivan Fernandez, Michael Grillo, Daniel Harrison, Dana Humphrey, Fred Hutchinson, George Jacobson, Mel Johnson, Peter Kieban, James Horan for Jean Lavigne, William Livingston, Philip Locke, Kathleen March, Henry Metcalf, Scott Morelli, Chris McEvoy for Suzanne Moulton, Sean Murphy, Jennifer Nelson, Stephen Norton, Tina Passman, Connie Perry, Brenda Power, Alan Rosenwasser, Howard Segal, Edmund Sheppard, Therese Shipps, Hayden Soule, Owen Smith, Judy Kuhns-Hastings for Mary Ellen Symanski, Charles Tarr, John Ringo for Mary Tyler, Gloria Vollmers

ABSENT: Francois Amar, Richard Blake, Christopher Campbell, George Criner, Daniel Dwyer, Max Egenhofer, Cathy Elliott, James McConnon, Hemant Pendse, David Townsend, Gail Werrbach

I. President March called the meeting to order at 3:19 p.m. The January 29, 1996 minutes were approved.

The President introduced two new members: Jennifer Nelson, President, and Scott Morelli, Vice-President of

Student Government. Henry Metcalf agreed to serve as parliamentarian for this meeting.


1. Provost Bailey announced that the selection for Vice-Provost for Research and Graduate Studies has been finalized. She discussed the status of the search for the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Director of Instructional Technologies, and Director of the Honors Program.

2. Interim Dean Burton Hatlen provided clarification regarding the King Gift. Funding for faculty positions will be in arts and will be non-tenure track at the rank of assistant professor or lecturer. If the gift is used according to guidelines, funding will continue up to three additional years with the possibility of positions becoming tenure track. The scholarships to be awarded will be named for Edward (Ted) Holmes, Professor Emeritus of English and Lecturer in Honors.

3. President March announced that Representative Christina Baker and Senator Mary Cathcart will attend the

3/19 elected members meeting.

4. Director of Academic Support Services for Student Athletes, Trina Kudlacek, will speak at the March 26 meeting.

5. Vice-President for Student Affairs Halstead distributed an executive summary regarding plans for the Memorial Union expansion.


Academic Affairs (Tina Passman): The transfer policy is pending. The issue related to student withdrawal from courses following cheating allegations has been resolved. The class book subcommittee has received 8 nominations and a decision will be announced on March 31. Dana Humphrey discussed the questionnaire on athletic student-faculty relationships, and Buckley Amendment issues with notifying coaches about student problems and compliance issues. The Faculty Athletic Oversight Committee is due for review. Ned Sheppard summarized the draft of the final report for the Systemwide Task Force on Telecommunications and Information Technology. It will be sent to all department offices.

Finance and Institutional Planning (Henry Metcalf reported for Jean Lavigne): The committee met with Chief Financial Officer Kelley on 2/14, and discussed the possibility of the CFO meeting with Faculty Senate on an annual basis.

Research and Public Service (David Townsend): no report

University Environment (Henry Metcalf): Committee discussions included First Class abuse. As a representative on the University Facilities and Campus Planning Committee, he reported on the naming policy for buildings, the maintenance schedule for the summer, hydrology and traffic, and state site law approval process for campus projects.

Committee on Committees (Gloria Vollmers): no report

Constitution and Bylaws (Dana Humphrey): The amendments to the Constitution (related to college restructuring and AFFIRM) were distributed. It is expected that a vote will be taken on 3/26. BOT (Ivan Fernandez): no report

Presidential Search committee: Howard Segal reported for the faculty members of the Presidential Search Committee. The presidential job description was discussed at their first meeting. The search committee is working under a tight schedule, with finalists hopefully making visits to the campus before classes end this semester.

Teaching and Technology Committee (Owen Smith): The committee has not yet met. Sean Murphy (Graduate Student representative): no report.


Faculty Retreat/Advance: A survey concerning faculty interests for the proposed retreat will be distributed.

The retreat is scheduled for Maine Day April 30.


International Education: Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education Gelinas distributed an initial report on international education. Marisue Pickering distributed current statistical information on American University in Bulgaria and gave a brief history of this initiative. Two former trustees and a former chancellor are on the Board of Directors for AUBG. University of Maine accreditation was extended to AUBG who will apply for its own accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Pickering reported that AUBG students are high quality with mean SAT scores of 575 Verbal and 656 Quantitative. AUBG students have expressed concerns about the no smoking policy and modem speed. Faculty turnover has decreased with the implementation of 3 year contracts.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:07 p.m.

Submitted by Gail B. Werrbach, Secretary

Next meeting March 26th


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