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University Bookstore

Your OFFICIAL University of Maine Bookstore!
The University Bookstore on campus is your source for textbooks, course materials, residence hall room items, UMaine apparel and supplies.

Just for First-Year Students: Textbook Reservations with Delivery!
Complete the Textbook Reservation form (PDF) and bring to Orientation. Enter for a chance to win up to $100 off of your textbook bill! Details below.

Why University Bookstore?

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The University Bookstore is devoted to student success. We work directly with your faculty to ensure that we stock the right books and materials for your courses. And, we work with suppliers and buy books back from students in order to get as many used books as possible, saving you money on your purchase.

    • Convenience—we’re located right on campus in Memorial Union.
    • Textbook Reservations—easy buying for first-year students.
    • More Used Books—nationally recognized for our efforts to bring in more used books and save our students money.
    • Book Buyback Program—more money “back” in your pocket.
    • On-Line Shopping—convenient 24-hour buying.
    • Book Rentals & E-Books—we’re implementing new methods to save you money and better our environment.
    • Good Citizens—we happily support UMaine student organizations through contributions and sponsorships.


Textbook Reservations with Delivery

Sign up for Textbook Reservations and let us do the shopping for you. We’ll even deliver your books to your residence hall room! No lines! No waiting!

It’s easy to avoid shopping lines and ensure your best selection of books:

  • Bring your completed Textbook Reservation form to Orientation.
  • Hold your reservation with a major credit card.
  • In August we will process your order based on your class schedule
  • We will box your books and deliver them to your campus room in time for classes.
  • Submit your form to us at New Student Orientation and be automatically entered to win $100 off of your textbook purchase!

Textbook Options
Our prices are based on the national online textbook marketplace. However, our mission to you is to obtain as many used books as possible in order to save you money in a competitive marketplace.

The University Bookstore offers textbooks in a number of ways, all dependent upon availability and pricing.

NEW: We seek out the best prices on brand-new books.
USED: We stock our shelves with a huge inventory of used books—percentage-wise, one of the largest in the nation!
RENTALS: We have a number of titles available as textbook rentals for the semester.
E-BOOKS: Universities across the country are starting to delve into the realm of eTextbooks—books that are viewed electronically on a computer or eReading device. We have a growing selection of eBooks available, and are continuing to evaluate the benefits and interest of UMaine students.

Black Bear Bucks
Keeping track of expenses and planning for future purchases can be challenging. Add funds to your MaineCard on your Black Bear Bucks account so you have funds for books, supplies and other Bookstore items. Visit the section “Adding Funds to Your MaineCard” on the MaineCard page of this website.

Complete the Textbook Reservation form and bring to the University Bookstore table at Orientation.

Add funds to your account as Bookstore Bucks to ensure you have funds set aside for books, supplies and more.

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