Campus Mail

The mailroom staff processes incoming and outgoing mail, makes deliveries to residence halls and buildings throughout the campus, and handles the production and execution of mailings in one location.

US Post Office Mail drop bins

Metered Mail

Metered mail uses a barcode to send the mail and bill to the appropriate department. We use the Pitney Bowes Business Manager System. Contact Mailing Services for a barcode. When sending to Mailing Services to process, ensure that mail is accompanied by that barcode (it can be printed on the envelope, a sticker or on a sheet of paper, securely wrapped around the mail or attached to it with tape.

Bulk mailings

One of the benefits to being affiliated with a print shop is that we can work together to save you money and time! Bulk mailings require special permits, including the use of the University’s non-profit mailer.

Other services

  • Business reply mail
  • Accountable mail
  • First class mailings
  • Interoffice mail
  • Printing and affixing mail labels
  • Insertion of materials into envelopes and mailing
  • Office and residence hall mail delivery