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I live on campus. Do I need to sign up to get mail at the Center?

Campus residents automatically receive packages and select pieces of mail at the Package & Postal Center. First class mail will be delivered to your residence hall mailbox by Residence Life staff. Return to top.

Does all mail go to the Package & Postal Center?

No. First class letter mail is delivered to your residence hall mailbox. Packages and mail that requires a signature are sent to the Center. UPS, FedEx and DHL packages will also be delivered to the Center. Return to top.

How long does it take for the Package & Postal Center to process packages?

Processing time is typically by the end of day. During high volume periods (e.g. start of fall semester, spring semester, and holidays) it could take up to two days to process incoming packages. Return to top.

How do I know when my package is ready?

You will receive an email from at your email address. This may differ from notification that your package has been delivered to campus. Always check your email before coming in. Return to top.

Where do I pick up packages?

Packages are picked up from the University Bookstore, Memorial Union. You will be notified by an email from when your package is ready to be picked up. Add this email to your contacts so it does not go to spam! Occasionally, your package or mail will be available at the UMaine Kiosk lockers near the Wade Center. Your email will instruct you where to pick up your delivery. Return to top.

Is there a way to make the process faster if I have something urgent coming?

Yes. We recommend that any urgent or time-sensitive mail be sent via Priority Mail Express. This mail is separated from all other mail and processed immediately (e.g. medications, passports, important documents). Return to top.

Can I also send mail at the Package & Postal Center?

Yes. It is a full U.S. Postal Service substation and accepts cash or checks for payment. There are several ATMs located on the ground floor of the Memorial Union in case you forget cash. Return to top.

Where do I drop off UPS or FedEx packages?

The campus drop location for FedEx (other than Ground) and UPS is outside the New Balance Field House, behind the bear statue. FedEx Ground must be notified and given a pick up location. You can also drop off these packages at Printing and Mailing Services in the Keyo building Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Return to top.

Do I need to bring anything with me to pick up my package?

Yes. Bring a MaineCard or a photo ID with you. If someone is picking up your package for you, notify the Center and remind your courier to bring photo ID.

What is my campus address?

First and last name
Student Hall, Rm #
Orono, ME 04469
Return to top.

What is a non-profit permit and how can I use it?

The University is a non-profit organization and holds a non-profit permit with the U.S. Postal Service. This permit allows you to receive significant price savings on postage. Some regulations apply. Your best deal will be found by contacting Printing Services to initiate your mailing. We are well-versed in all postal regulations.

I don’t have time to hand address or label my mailing. Can Mailing Services help with that?

Absolutely! We are well-versed in what is needed to complete your mailing. From printing labels to directly printing addresses on your project, we can take the hassle out of mailings. Contact Printing Services to start your order, mention you’d like it mailed, and we’ll take it from there!

Can you insert my print item into the envelope and mail it?

Yes, we can do that for a small fee.

How should I set up my postcard to comply with USPS regulations?

The U.S. Postal Service has very specific requirements for postcards and other mailings. The professional staff at Printing Services will help you make sure your project is designed properly.