Adjunct-Lecturer Kristyn Gerow Accepted to Prestigious Screen-Writing Program

WGS is proud to announce that WGS adjunct-lecturer Kristyn Gerow has been accepted to a prestigious screen-writing program at Chapman University in Orange County California.  We are sad to lose Kristyn who is a gifted teacher but we are proud and happy for her in this new adventure. Kristyn writes of her upcoming studies for an MFA in screenwriting:

“I’m really excited to attend Chapman University’s MFA in screenwriting this Fall. I’ve always wanted to make my fiction into flesh as a showrunner or who carves out space in TV where Black/Brown people can fall in love, survive in horror situations, and be the princesses and princes in a futuristic hell-waste; where Black/Brown people can be seen being ill, sick, and tired, and simply exist. I’m going to miss UMaine and Maine terribly. I’ve loved and learned a lot from my time instructing the bright and engaged students in my WGS101 section, and I will take there illuminating conversations with me.”