Smith, Rylee

Rylee Smith, Ph.D. – WLE
Advisor:  Joseph Zydlewski – Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Start Date:  Spring 2021

M.S. 2019, Natural Resources, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, 207.581.2954

Biography:  I grew up in Ogden, Utah and loved spending time outdoors. I worked in health care for just under a decade and am so excited to swim into the world of fish. In my free time I love to travel, watch movies, and go on adventures with my two dogs.

Current Research:  My research focus is aimed at gaining a better understanding of predation events on Atlantic salmon through mark recapture studies, historical electrofishing data and habitat analysis. I hope to develop a spatiotemporal model of predator distribution and predict the impacts of climate change on Atlantic salmon predation.