Yen, Ivy

Ivy Yen,  Ph.D. – EESIvy holding a mouse
Advisor: Alessio Mortelliti – Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology
Start Date:  Summer 2020
B.S. 2015, Biological Sciences, University of Biological Sciences, South Bend, IN, 207.581.1340

Brief Biography: I am from a small suburban town in Indiana and have always wanted to live on the east coast! I enjoy horror movies, improvisational cooking, acorn foraging, and winter hiking with my pup, Sneakers.

Current Research: My research focuses on the consequences of individual behavioral variation while using small mammals as a model system. I am currently investigating the role of small mammal personality on novel seed dispersal in different forestry treatments. The goal of this research will be to help refine estimates of colonization rates for plant species currently undergoing climate-induced range shifts and inform best management practices. I am also interested in the relationships between individual personality and stress response, disease acquisition/transmission, and interspecific competition.