Carovillano, Christy

Chrissy outside
Co-Advisor: Sabrina Morano – Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Conservation Biology
Co-Advisor:  Adam Daigneault – School of Forest Resources
Start Date:  Summer 2020
B.A. 2009, General Science – Biology concentration, Rutgers University, 207.581.2921

Brief Biography: From the Philadelphia area, but having spent time in Oregon, Utah, and a nomadic year traveling from California across the southern US and up the east coast to Maine, I love getting out into nature to hike and paddle. I also live for good food and am a passionate women’s soccer and professional surfing fan.

Current Research: The focus of my research is a bio-economic modeling analysis of the Maine timber, carbon, and wildlife management nexus. It aims to develop a more integrated approach to jointly managing Maine’s forests and wildlife habitat and will include data analysis on forest management priorities and ecosystem services to extend current modeling frameworks developed for forest sector analysis to consider multiple stakeholder objectives and assess the impact of future forest management pathways on wildlife habitat conditions and species occupancy in Maine.