Information for Students

Welcome to the J.F. Witter Teaching and Research Center.

The Witter Center facilities are generally available to students in the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture for educational and related activities. We invite other UMaine students interested in using the facilities to contact the superintendent.

There are ten important things you should know:

  1. Your safety and the safety of others is your first responsibility.
  2. Students must complete all UMaine and Witter Center safety training before participating in any farm activities. The safety training program begins with the link to Safety Information on the Witter Center homepage.
  3. Staff and students must adhere to all Witter Center policies and procedures. Policies and procedures information can be accessed from the Witter Center homepage.
  4. The farm staff strives to be helpful and friendly. Your questions are welcomed, but please remember that the staff has many chores to complete before heading home.
  5. The busy nature of farm work during the year means that the Witter Center staff may have difficulty fulfilling last minute requests. Please request approval for new activities weeks (or months!) in advance.
  6. The initiation of new student activities (courses, projects, club events, etc.) at the Witter Center must always begin with the faculty instructor or advisor contacting the superintendent.
  7. Maintaining a professional appearance is important to us. Please help us keep the place tidy.
  8. Farm superintendent, Jake Dyer, wants to hear your thoughts on how to make the Witter Center a better learning environment for students. Please feel free to contact him will questions and comments.
  9. The Witter Center is a busy facility hosting faculty and graduate student research, public educational programs, tours, events, as well undergraduate classes and research. Please respect the activities and work of everyone.
  10. Become involved with activities at the farms! Do not be bashful about asking to volunteer for projects, observe research, or participate in other ways. If we know you are interested we can help find opportunities.

Again, welcome to the Witter Center. The farm staff will do their best to make your experiences great ones.