Wait List

Wait List for Registration
Some Winter Session classes have been designated to maintain a Wait List in MaineStreet. Students on a Wait List in MaineStreet will be automatically enrolled when seats become available provided there are no time conflicts or requirement restrictions.  If the MaineStreet Wait List is not an available option for a desired class, students may contact the department offering the class and inquire about a Wait List maintained within the department. Each department has the option of utilizing the automated Wait List feature in MaineStreet, or to manage lists manually. In either case, the following applies:

  • Departments will review the Wait List and when openings occur, staff will either enroll or reorder students with the highest need based on class level, need for major, or classes needed to remain in course sequence.
  • Responsibility lies on the student to be certain that classes for which they have been placed on a Wait List do not conflict with classes for which they are already enrolled. Should any conflicts exist, no enrollment from the Wait List will occur and the student will remain on the Wait List.
  • Responsibility lies on the student to drop a class in which they have been enrolled as a result of the Wait List process, should the student no longer desire the class. Students enrolled in a class as a result of the Wait List process will receive email notification via the @maine.edu email address.
  • For Winter Session, a student may have a maximum of 4 total Wait List hours. Wait List hours count toward the total number of hours enrolled for a term (capped at 4 credits for Winter Session).