Student Academic Policies

General Academic Policies

  • Students are allowed to take a maximum of 3 credits during Winter Session. Per university policy, students wishing to register for more than 3 credits must obtain permission from their advisor and from the associate dean of their college.
  • Students will need their Spring 2020 registration PIN or an approved Spring 2020 wish list in order to register for Winter Session courses.
  • Winter Session credits hours will count toward spring term course load for all academic affairs purposes.
    • This includes: dean’s list, academic standing, athletic certification, grading, term withdrawals, enrollment verification, enrollment requisites, enrollment reports, and course repeats.

International Students: Full-time enrollment

International students are required to be  enrolled in a minimum of 12 spring semester (non-winter session) credits to meet full-time enrollment requirements per immigration regulations. Winter session credits do not count toward fall or spring semester credits for full-time status, but can help with progression to graduation.

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