Add/ Drop/ Withdrawal/ Refund Policy

Be sure to consider both the academic and the financial consequences of dropping your Winter Session course.

Add/Drop Period

  • Students have through the end of the day Dec. 27, 2023 to add a Winter Session course without instructor permission.

Academic deadlines for dropping a Winter Session courses will follow the following timeline:

  • If dropped on or before 12/28/2023, this class will not appear on your transcript.
  • If dropped after 12/28/2023, but on or before 01/8/2024, this class will appear on your transcript and a grade of W will be assigned.
  • If dropped after 01/8/2024, this class will appear on your transcript and a grade of F will be assigned.

Financial Deadlines

  • The withdrawal/refund policy for Winter Session will follow standard policies for 3-week courses.
    • Students have three days to drop the course and receive a full refund (course must be dropped on or before 12/28/2023). After that, no refunds will be issued except upon successful appeal.

*Students who cease attendance, in any or all of their classes, without providing official notification are not entitled to a refund. If a student ceases attendance for emergency reasons, the University will accept a written appeal. Normally, appeals will be considered up to 90 days after the close of the term for which the student is requesting a financial adjustment.

Please contact if you are looking to submit an appeal. For more information on the withdrawal policy please visit For more information on refund policies please visit

Winter Session Add/Drop 2023–24



Drop Date

Drop Date
(Receive W)

Drop Date
(Receive F)

Last Day
to Add

Three Weeks Dec. 26–Jan. 12 Dec. 28, 2023 Jan. 8, 2024 Jan. 9, 2024 Dec. 27, 2023