Add/ Drop/ Withdrawal/ Refund Policy

Be sure to consider both the academic and the financial consequences of dropping your Winter Session course.

Add/Drop Period

  • Students have through the end of the day Dec. 28, 2022 to add a Winter Session course without instructor permission.

Academic deadlines for dropping a Winter Session courses will follow the following timeline:

  • If dropped on or before 12/29/2022, this class will not appear on your transcript.
  • If dropped after 12/29/2022, but on or before 01/10/2023, this class will appear on your transcript and a grade of W will be assigned.
  • If dropped after 01/10/2023, this class will appear on your transcript and a grade of F will be assigned.

Financial Deadlines

  • The withdrawal/refund policy for Winter Session will follow standard policies for 3-week courses.
    • Students have three days to drop the course and receive a full refund (course must be dropped on or before 12/29/2022). After that, no refunds will be issued except upon successful appeal.

*Students who cease attendance, in any or all of their classes, without providing official notification are not entitled to a refund. If a student ceases attendance for emergency reasons, the University will accept a written appeal. Normally, appeals will be considered up to 90 days after the close of the term for which the student is requesting a financial adjustment.

 Refund Appeal forms:

Submit forms to: Barbara Howard,, 207.581.3146.
Please contact the Bursar’s Office for additional Information.