Dr. Sonja Birthisel – Director

Sonja joined the Wilson Center as Director in September of 2020. She is an alumna of the University of Maine and has been actively involved in youth ministry for over 15 years. Sonja brings to the Wilson Center a passion for community service, and experience as a scientist, teacher, community organizer, and activist.
Sonja has been actively involved as a Wilson Center community member since 2013. She was a founding member of the long-running SpiritualiTEA discussion group, and coordinated the SCOPE grants for community service and social justice, and annual Dorothy Clarke Wilson Peace Writing Prize at various times. She also served as caretaker for the Wilson Center garden. As a member of the Church of Universal Fellowship in Orono, she serves on the Board of Trustees and is a co-leader of the Young Adults with Pizzazz (YAWP) youth group.
You may contact her directly at sonja.birthisel@maine.edu.