Wednesday Dinners & Come to the Table

Wednesdays at the Wilson!
FREE weekly dinner & spiritual/multifaith activities
Every Wednesday from 6-8pm

Come join us for a home-cooked (vegetarian) meal, good company, art, music, speakers, and more! A different event or topic each week.

Current and past Wednesday Dinner programs include: immigration discussions, The Kindness Rocks Project, mindfulness meditation, discussion of intimate partner violence, coloring mandalas, photography as a spiritual practice, zen doodling, board game nights, music that moves you, religion in the movies, and more!

Come to the Table

The last Wednesday Dinner of every month has a special format that we call Come to the Table. The goal of Come to the Table is to have conversations about shared practices experienced in unique ways by various religious and spiritual traditions. It’s our hope that those who come will leave the Table with a better understanding of other students’ attitudes and beliefs across spiritual and religious traditions.

Recent Come to the Table topics have included: Activism & Creating Change, Mental Health, “Can We REALLY Coexist?’ Panel, Climate Change & Care for the Earth, Death & Mortality, and Identity.

“When I first came to the Wilson Center. . . I was living with people who complained about petty things and talked behind others’ backs.  The regular attendees at Wednesday dinner restored my faith in humanity.  We come from diverse cultural, religious and economic backgrounds but we all share an inherent appreciation of tolerance and learning about differences.  You’ve given me the most meaningful human connection of my time at UMaine. Keep on going!”
H.W. 2016


“I have wonderful memories of this place – of acceptance, of laughter, of good food, of kind words, of friendship and love . . It has given a much needed platform to many people to voice their fears and pain and happiness by creating a space where people may disagree peacefully and learn about views other than their own.  I think “Come to the Table” is one of the most powerful and needed discussion platforms I have ever come across.  Thanks . . . for being so accepting and welcoming and spreading love around.”

A.M. 2016