Response to Events in Charlottesville, Virginia

Rev. Lauren Seganos Cohen, Director of the Wilson Center, released the following statement on behalf of the Wilson Center and its Board of Directors:

In light of recent disturbing events in Charlottesville, Virginia, we affirm the value and dignity of people of color and minority communities, rejecting notions and acts of racism, antisemitism, intimidation, and intolerance. We condemn white supremacy, white nationalism, neo-Nazism, and any movement that promotes or perpetuates violence against people of color, Jews, Muslims, and other minority communities. We acknowledge the long history of violence, discrimination, and injustice against these groups in the United States, while also lamenting and confessing our own personal biases and prejudices, both conscious and unconscious. As a multifaith community, we re-commit ourselves to our mission of working for social justice, honoring diversity, offering opportunities for spiritual growth, and valuing above all the equality of all people.