Jess Capista

I am a graduate of West Chester University, where I obtained a BS in Biology: Marine Science and Biology: Ecology/ Conservation with a minor in Geography and Planning. Prior to interning in the Wahle Lab I have participated in two research cruises, one studying nutrient limitation and zooplankton food web dynamics in the Gulf of Mexico, and another in the tropics of the Atlantic collecting physical oceanography data, specifically hydrographic data. After graduating I also worked as a lab technician in a plant evolutionary ecology lab at Temple University.

My primary research interests are investigating the effects of climate change on marine systems by studying planktonic interactions. In the Wahle Lab, I am studying the effects of diet on mortality rates in stage I larval lobsters. The Darling Marine Center serves as an excellent environment for me to gain field experience and working in the Wahle Lab has been beneficial for enhancing my research experience.