Wahle Lab in the News

November 2022 Does Alaska’s canceled snow crab season impact Maine lobsters? Read the article here

July 2022 — Changes in Gulf of Maine may endanger lucrative fish stocks, experts say Read the article here

June 2022 — Scientists see long-term hope for Maine’s lobster fishery despite warming waters Read the article here

November 2021 — Research Spotlight: Lobster Larval Diets with Alex Ascher Read the article here

July 2021 — Improving business practices to reduce mortality in the lobster supply chain Watch the video here

June 2021 — Mainer’s idea to put the pot in the lobster sparks new research Read the article here

May 2021 — Activity trackers for lobsters designed for fight against waste Read the article here

April 2021 — Maine Fishermen’s Forum DMR Lobster Science Session

Wahle takes multifaceted approach to studying lobster populations in the Gulf of Maine Read the article here

March 2021 — P.E.I. researcher collaborates across borders to learn how climate change will impact lobster Read the article here

February 2021 Baby lobsters may be adaptable to changes in Gulf of Maine, study shows Read the article here

Reckoning with Climate Change in the Gulf of Maine Watch the video here

January 2021 — Scientists Have Designed an Activity Tracker for Lobsters Read the article here

November 2020 — The Maine Question: How are lobsters doing? Listen to the podcast here

August 2020 — The Last Lobster Supper? Read the article here

For New England lobstermen, resilience in ‘a season of uncertainty’ Read the article here

October 2019 — Scientists predict Maine’s lobster boom will end within 5 years Read the article here

New studies attribute warming waters, local differences in oceanography to rise and fall of American lobster populations in the Gulf of Maine Read the article here

September 2019 — Numerous UMaine and UMM experts tapped for Maine Climate Council, a subcommittee and working groups Read the article here

What rising temperatures in the Gulf of Maine mean for the state’s lobster industry Watch the video here

Huntsberger earns master’s degree for research exploring growth, aging of Jonah crabs Read the article here

Maine Sea Grant, UMaine advance $2M initiative aimed at increasing resilience in the lobster fishery Read the article here

Researchers use DNA in seawater to monitor scallop reproduction Read the article here

August 2019 — $20 million grant awarded for Maine Environmental DNA initiative to support coastal ecosystems Read the article here

Changing climate boosts Maine lobster industry — for now Read the article here

How Long Will Maine’s Lobster Boom Last? Watch the video here

July 2019 — Warmer Northumberland Strait not good news for lobster fishery. Read the article here

Baby Lobster Numbers Spell Trouble for Shellfish Population. Read the article here

June 2019 — From coast to coast, companies team up to fund UMaine lobster research. Read the article here

January 2019 — Ghost fishing off Long Islands coast. Read the article here

December 2018 — Former Wahle lab grad student working with Dungeness crab fishermen to take legal action against big oil. Read about Noah’s work here

November 2018 — More on the trade war with China and lobster tariffs. Read the Bloomberg article here

October 2018 — “Interview with Chinese Central Television CCTV. Lobster tariffs and the trade war with China.”
Watch it here

September 2018 — Offshore settlement and alternative medicine in Maine’s lobster industry:

Maine restaurateur’s new secret ingredient

Is offshore settlement a good thing?

July 2018 — Ocean Acidification Findings: Maine Lobster

June 2018 — Climate change brought a lobster boom. Now it could cause a bust. NY Times.

April 2018 — With the first significant decrease in lobster landings in years; is the fishery in trouble?

Lobster Industry Feeling the Heat

Finding the missing link between larval declines and zooplankton abundance

March 2018 A local dealer’s choice to get involved:

What’s happening to the lobster babies? Portland dealer will pay to get an answer

January 2018 — Is the lobster industry past it’s prime?

Gulf of Maine lobster population past its peak, study says, and a big drop is due

November 2017 —  Summer intern Abby Shaughnessy makes the Portland Press Herald with a spotlight on her capstone project! Find the article and video here.

“TV Interview with ICI Radio-Canada (in French). Lobster range advances northward in Canadian waters
Click here to check it out (French Broadcast)!

June 2017 — For anyone that missed this year’s ICWL Conference in Portland, be sure to listen in on the WCSH 6 – Portland story featuring our very own Rick Wahle and collaborator Curt Brown of Ready Seafood.  The Wahle lab and ICWL conference also received a lot of press post-conference which can be found in the links below:

Portland Hosts 11th ICWL

Senator King agrees: Data is key to understanding the lobster fishery

Baby lobsters in Decline

Where are all the baby lobsters?

Are hybrid lobsters the future? Researchers don’t think so.

April 2017 — Rick, Jes Waller and David Fields are featured in this Weather.com article on climate change in Maine.

February 2017 — Rick and Carl are featured in a UMaine press release on their on-going lobster aging project. It appeared in many, many nationally syndicated news outlets this month.

November 2016 — Skylar co-writes a Maine Sea Grant blog post on her latest scallop genetic research in collaboration with Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.

September 2016 — Jesica’s published Master’s on the effect of warming waters of American lobster larvae made the news.

August 2016 — Skylar published her first dissertation chapter in Marine Ecology Progress Series. UMaine and Skylar wrote about it here.

May 2016 — Skylar gave her TEDx talk, “Why the sex lives of our sea food matter” in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. UMaine wrote about it here.

February 2016 — Jesica’s photo won the people’s choice for the Vizzies, a competition sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Popular Science magazine. Check out the article by the Portland Press Herald here.

December 2015 — Noah won the best student oral presentation award at the American Lobster in a Changing Ecosystem symposium in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. UMaine wrote about it here.

May 2015 — Jesica, Noah and Skylar all win awards at UMaine and make it into the Boothbay Register.