Goal 2: We will continue to provide accessible and affordable education, research and service through processes that ensure effectiveness, efficiency and quality.

2.1   We will grow and advance partnerships to catalyze the cultural, economic and civic future of Maine and beyond.

2.1.1   We will collaborate with stakeholders, taking advantage of individual and collective strengths to address needs, innovate for the future and bring about positive change.

2.1.2   We will build UMaine’s reputation as an easily accessible and highly desirable partner to apply creativity and innovation to solve problems for Maine businesses, K-12 education, industry and the state.

2.1.3   We will align research and academic resources in cross-campus partnerships to expand opportunities for students and communities throughout Maine.

 2.2   We will optimize management of our infrastructure and enhance it to support the realization of our vision.

2.2.1   We will be a national leader in sustainability in higher education. Earn Gold Rating on Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System

2.2.2   We will manage our “footprint” to maximize the efficiency of space utilization. Space Reduction Task Force Public-Private-Partnerships to Renovate Historic Buildings

2.2.3   We will develop a budgeting process that is responsive and transparent, aligns resources with strategic priorities, and creates incentive/reward structures that support advancement toward university goals. Budget Model Transformation

2.3   We will communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

2.3.1   We will develop an organizational structure that supports coordinated communication with internal and external stakeholders.

2.3.2   We will develop processes for coordinating marketing strategies.

2.3.3   We will work with the University of Maine System to develop coordinated government relations strategies.

Fogler Library