Goal 3: The university will be a rewarding place to live, learn and work by sustaining an environment that is diverse and inclusive, and fosters the personal development of all its stakeholders.

3.1   We will be recognized as a great place to work in Maine.

3.1.1   We will be a welcoming and inclusive community where every viewpoint and every person is respected and diversity is embraced. Hire a Director of Diversity and Inclusion to organize, manage, and expand diversity and inclusion initiatives Provost’s Advisory Committee on Equity

3.1.2   We will ensure that all employees have opportunities for professional development.

3.1.3   We will ensure that our policies and practices support work-life balance, and foster and facilitate a diverse workforce.

 3.2   Students will form a lifelong relationship with the university.

3.2.1   We will ensure that all students have opportunities to engage in the life of the university outside of the classroom.

3.2.2   We will sustain a culture in which supportive interactions between faculty/staff and students are the norm.

Group of students walking on campus