The Strategic Vision and Values framework is a living document that will serve to guide the university over the next five years. Two parallel sets of processes will assure that the university pursues its goals in ways that are consonant with its vision and values.

The university’s vision, values and goals will serve as the foundation for strategic decision making. Units will be expected to develop goals within the framework and budget decisions will align with the goals. Units will specify what actions they will take to support advancement toward the goals, articulate the metrics that will be used to measure progress, and report on these metrics annually.

In addition to the framework serving as a guide to strategic thinking within the university’s formal structure, a parallel process will be implemented whereby there will be periodic calls for proposals for new ideas for strategies and actions that support advancement toward the goals. In this way, the university will be responsive to changing contexts and poised to capitalize on opportunities while remaining true to its vision and values.


The University of Maine transforms lives through research, teaching and public service.


Guided by our shared values:

  • Fostering learner success
  • Discovering and innovating
  • Growing and advancing partnerships




Creating the vision:

  • An archive of our process to date



Man holds lobster

Goal 1

We will support and grow Maine’s economy through new discoveries and by building a workforce whose members are engaged in their communities and prepared for lifelong success.


University of Maine at Machias classroom

Goal 2

We will continue to provide accessible and affordable education, research and service through processes that ensure effectiveness, efficiency and quality.



Goal 3

The university will be a rewarding place to live, learn and work by sustaining an environment that is diverse and inclusive, and fosters the personal development of all its stakeholders.