Goal 1: We will support and grow Maine’s economy through new discoveries and by building a workforce whose members are engaged in their communities and prepared for lifelong success.

1.1   We will welcome and support all learners and engage them in experiential learning.

1.1.1 We will support timely progress to graduation. First-Year Student Success Initiative Review on-campus housing, residency requirements, etc. and align with best practices for student success

1.1.2   Our curricula will prepare undergraduate and graduate students for success by aligning tailored academic pathways with the skills needed to thrive in a range of career contexts.

1.1.3   Authentic experience in research, scholarship and/or creative activity will be part of every undergraduate’s experience.   Develop Experiential Programs Innovation Central (EPIC)

1.1.4   We will offer a range of educational programs to our diverse learners, including noncredit, professional development programs, badges and other microcredentials.

1.1.5   We will ensure access for qualified learners and reduce student debt.

1.1.6   We will expand production of students with graduate-level credentials to meet workforce needs in Maine and beyond.

1.2   We will create new knowledge and apply innovative research and scholarship to enrich lives.

1.2.1   We will mobilize our expertise and resources to create new knowledge and to solve pressing societal problems through research, development and engagement.   Research and Development Plan

1.2.2   We will move new products from concept to commercialization, growing economic sectors and creating new markets in Maine and beyond.

1.2.3   We will produce graduates prepared to contribute to the knowledge, innovation and creative economy.

1.2.4   We will grow and diversify the doctoral education and research enterprise at UMaine, in partnership with stakeholders and collaborators, including other UMS campuses.