Student success is central to UMaine’s mission, values, reputation and fiscal health. The first year of a student’s academic experience has a particularly significant impact on their academic success or failure. A variety of factors contribute to students’ success (or failure) in their first year. In 2018-2019, the Divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Life are collaborating on the development of a plan to optimize the first-year student experience. The goal is to help students form a solid foundation for initial and continued success.

On September 27, 2018, Provost Hecker led an Academic Affairs Faculty Forum at which he shared background data and analyses related to student success and failure. He presented a draft proposal for how UMaine administrators, faculty, and staff can work together to improve first-year student success. Background materials, the PowerPoint slides and a video of the Forum are available here.

Current efforts underway:

Working Groups: Ten Working Groups are developing recommendations related to first-year student. These groups are guided by a set of principles and been charged with specific tasks. The links below connect to information about each Working Group including its charge and membership as well as resources related to the work.

First-year Curricula review: Provost Hecker charged the college deans to work within their college structures to engage the faculties associated with each undergraduate major in a review of the recommended and required first-year curricula. The Provost’s charges to the deans are available at the links below:

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