DubBot Training

Web accessibility has always been a requirement for UMaine websites, and ensuring your content is accessible is part of an inclusive communication strategy. This month, we discuss the new accessibility checking tool DubBot and training available.

Coming in September: DubBot Accessibility Checker

DubBot is a new website compliance checking tool (replacing Monsido) that we will be available for use in September. A training session for DubBot was conducted on Aug. 7, 2023 via zoom with a representative from the vendor. The Digital Communications team attended this training, and we look forward to using this tool soon.

A recording of the Aug. 7 training is available if you would like to learn more about DubBot today

Using DubBot to improve your website

If you want to learn more about DubBot’s reports and how you may use this information to fix broken links, find misspellings, and discover where content updates are needed, email um.weboffice@maine.edu to set up a training session.