Accessibility and inclusion: Using accessibility checkers

This month, we discuss accessibility checkers.

WebAIM WAVE Accessibility Checker

WebAIM (Web Accessibility In Mind) has provided comprehensive web accessibility solutions since 1999, and their free online service is available to anyone for free use to evaluate a web page. Simply navigate to the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool website, and enter your web page address.

WebAIM also provides WAVE browser extensions which can be used directly within the Chrome and Firefox browsers to run their web accessibility checkers more easily.

Coming in September: DubBot Accessibility Checker

DubBot is a new website compliance checking tool (replacing Monsido) that we will begin using by September. One of the benefits of Dubbot is that it offers reports with the same visual style of accessibility checker as the WebAIM WAVE tool, with some added benefits:

  • A “Read Only” version of the reports may be shared with anyone, including those without a DubBot account. Here is an example of the Marketing and Communications home page report.
  • Registered DubBot users will be able to create task workflows for identified issues. This will be helpful in alerting Digital Communications to fix issues with the overall website templates.
  • The same task workflow system will be used by Digital Communications to send tasks to individual site owners as accessibility issues are discovered.