Accessibility and inclusion: Transitioning from Monsido to Dubbot in September

This month, we share more information about a new tool for accessibility compliance.

Monsido to be available until September 30

Many of you have utilized the Monsido tool to identify broken links, misspelled words, and accessibility issues with your website. This tool will continue to be available through the summer while the new system is configured and launched.

Dubbot available September 1

Work is underway to configure and launch the new Dubbot service, and we expect the tool will be available by September 1. As we approach this date, we will share information about training and support for this new service.

What makes this tool an exciting improvement?

  • Its report interface puts accessibility/qa issues visually in context of the web page being analyzed, which reduces the time a user would need to find where a particular flagged item appears
  • Reports can be shared with non-Dubbot users, making it easier to alert both site owners (who may not have a Dubbot login) and the site editors to issues that need to be addressed on sites
  • The system has an integrated task management system that allows Dubbot users to assign tasks to other users for follow up, which is extremely useful when a site editor may find an issue that can only be remediated by another department/user

As we approach the debut of DubBot, Digital Communications will update our accessibility tool training to help you adopt this new and improved resource.