QR codes and importance of mobile pages

Are you using QR codes to send visitors to your web pages? While these two-dimensional “matrix” barcodes have been around for decades, in 2023 most mobile phone cameras can identify a QR code and understand the information it contains. Digital Communications has received numerous requests and inquiries regarding QR codes in the last year, and we are able to create QR codes for you using Adobe InDesign.

While QR codes can be used to contain information such as contact or payment details, the most common use we encounter is a code that when scanned will send a reader to a website address. Because the visitor to your website likely used their smartphone to scan the code, it is important to check the destination web page on your own mobile device — the UMaine and UMaine Machias websites are mobile-friendly, which means content will rearrange itself to fit the narrow screen of such devices. If you primarily designed your web page for a desktop web browser, you may be surprised at how the content flows in that different format.

If you have questions about how to improve your web page for a mobile device display, please email us at um.weboffice@maine.edu with a link to the page your QR code points to, and we can help advise on changes to improve that experience.