Accessibility and inclusion: Support and consultations

Web accessibility has always been a requirement for UMaine websites, and has been a regular feature in our monthly newsletter. Ensuring your content is accessible is part of an inclusive communication strategy. This month, we offer ourselves as a resource to help you ensure your website adheres to these important requirements.

Print and email materials

If you are creating new materials for print or email (brochures, posters, cards, etc) we have found it is helpful to loop in our team early in that process as content is being pulled together. Many times we find that the work needed to generate a new brochure can also provide website updates. Even if you are well into a project that is creating a large PDF or Powerpoint slide deck, Digital Communications can help review the content and advise on how it can best be incorporated into your website as accessible new content.

Website reviews

The University of Maine and the University of Maine at Machias have had public websites for decades, and it is very likely that the website you maintain has content that was in place before you took on that task. It may be that content had been created without accessibility in mind, but reviewing all of that content for improvement can be an overwhelming project.

Don’t get overwhelmed, start with us. Digital Communications routinely helps website owners review their content and can advise on improvements for web accessibility. We can review your workflow processes and advise on best practices that will make your website work easier.

Reach out to us at if you have new content in need of accessibility advice, or old content you are seeking to improve.