Name changes on campus

The University of Maine has a living, evolving campus and over the past several years there have been multiple name changes for buildings, organizations and administrative entities. This summer, we ask that website administrators review their content for references that may have become outdated over time. Here are some name changes we are aware of:

Boudreau Hall (formerly North Stevens Hall)

Most recently, North Stevens Hall was renamed the “Karen L. Boudreau, Esq. Hall” (formal designated name) and “Boudreau Hall” (common name).

Auxiliary Enterprises (formerly Auxiliary Services)

Earlier this year, Auxiliary Services renamed themselves Auxiliary Enterprises. This has resulted in a website address change as well. A redirect is currently guiding visitors to the correct location, but will eventually that redirect will be shut off. If you are linking to, please update your links to before the end of 2023.

Events and Hospitality (formerly Conference Services)

While their website address has not changed, the name of Conference Services was updated to Events and Hospitality in recent years, and this year they have launched a revised website to reflect this focus.

Zillman Art Museum (formerly University of Maine Museum of Art)

In 2020, the University of Maine Museum of Art was renamed the Zillman Art Museum. The website address for the museum is now, and we are redirecting traffic from to this new address. If you are linking to the old address, it is best to update your link.

The Center for Student Involvement (formerly Campus Activities and Student Engagement)

In 2019, the Division of Student Life created the Center for Student Involvement, which replaced groups such as Campus Activities and Student Engagement. Their website address changed from to, and we are redirecting traffic to this new address for now. If you are linking to the old address, it is best to update your link.

Clement and Linda McGillicuddy Humanities Center (formerly UMaine Humanities Center)

In 2017, the UMaine Humanities Center was renamed, and the web address updated to For some time we redirected traffic from the old address but enough time has passed that this redirect has expired. If you are still linking to the old location, please update those links.

Know of another name change that may not be fully updated on the website? Please let us know at