Tightening network security for website editors

As the most popular web content management system (WCMS), WordPress is a regular target for cyber threats. UMS IT has seen an uptick in attempts to login to our WordPress environment, and while these attempts are unsuccessful, the volume of these incidents has an impact on the overall performance of our website.

In an effort to better secure our website from malicious attacks like this, we will be restricting logins to WordPress to computers that are on the UMS network. If you are working on campus, this change will not affect you, and you will be able to access the WordPress editor as you have in the past. If you are working off campus and have not already installed the University System VPN, you will need to do so by following the instructions at https://vpn.net.maine.edu/.

When will this change occur?

Anyone who accesses the UMaine Machias website will see this change occur on September 28. UMaine website users will see this change occur later, tentatively we are planning this update in October 2021.

If you need assistance setting up the VPN, you can contact the IT Help Desk at:

Email: help@maine.edu
Phone: 1-800-696-4357
Live chat: itsupport.maine.edu