Promoting campus events

Do you have upcoming events to publicize online? There is an event calendar feature available on all our websites, and we offer training in using this feature to create event listings (Beyond the Basics, see below for upcoming dates.) Adding your event in this manner will help it to be identified as an event page by search engines such as Google, and will allow you to promote the event in listings on your website.

You may also send a copy of your published event to the UMaine calendar for listing on When viewing the event on your website, the “admin toolbar” that appears at the top of your pages will have a clickable link titled “Repost to UMaine Calendar.” Using this link will send a copy of the event to our calendar website, where staff in Marketing and Communications will categorize the event and publish it to the calendar website.

If you do not have a need to create an event for your own website, you can use the Submit an Event form on the calendar website to alert us to the upcoming event.

Planning an event?

If you have not already scheduled your event, please use our Plan An Event website where you will find important information about planning campus events, alongside web forms to start that planning process with the campus.