More new options for content blocks

Article list content block

The article list content block now offers more UMaine News categorization options:

  • University News academic areas
    This categorization option allows you to only display news articles for a particular college, as well as Honors College and Graduate School.
  • University News regions
    This categorization option allows for display of news articles of interest to a particular county in Maine, as well as a statewide option.

Explore links content block

In the past, this content block worked best at widths of half-page and wider. We have adjusted the display of items in this content block for narrower presentations— when using this content block at a sidebar width, for example, the circles now appear smaller and to the left of the text for a link.

Coming soon: Improvements to the People List content block, allowing for more people in a single list, a three column display at full-width, and an option for a default silhouette display when a people listing does not have a portrait.