New options for content blocks

Slider content block

The slider content block now has a pair of options. Display a random slide, and restrict to only a single slide. Between the two, there are several uses for this feature:

  • Randomize on, single-slide off
    If you want multiple features in the slider, randomizing where the slider starts will help change up what the audience sees when they visit. An example where this could be useful is this website.
  • Single-slide on, randomize off
    For pages using the slider to display a single feature, you can now queue up the next feature in the slider but keep it from displaying by restricting to a single slide (the first slide in the list will be the feature that displays)
  • Single-slide on, randomize on
    Enabling both options will load a random feature from the slider on page load, but not offer the back/forth buttons. This is useful if you want to use the slider to display one of many different slides.

Heading content block

The heading content block now offers the ability to choose whether it is an H2, H3, H4 or H5 heading. This will help content block pages that need nested headings for better SEO, but otherwise don’t use the text area content block in that section.

Separator content block

This content block adds a horizontal line to a page to separate sections, and has been useful to keep content lined up and in place on a page. A new option has been added to make this separator “invisible” — it will still act to line up content, but won’t visibly show on the page as a line nor add additional space between items.