Web analytics dashboards available

Our university websites have made use of Google Analytics for information on web site visitors and the pages they view for some time. This is configured in the “Insights” section of the WordPress dashboard, but aside from adding the proper Google Analtyics code, there is not much to “see” within WordPress itself.

We now offer access to web analytics through simplified data dashboards using Google Data Studio. If you want to routinely review your web traffic information, or need to generate reports on the usage of your website, these reports may be just what you are after. Contact us at um.weboffice@maine.edu if you would like to be set up with access to a report dashboard.

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with Google Analytics, please do not adjust any settings in this section. Digital Communications sets Google Analytics for every site we support, and in most cases the “UA” number in those settings should not be altered.